Aqualyx Injections

As an effective and safe injection for fat dissolving, Aqualyx injections decrease the fat cells in the treated area. A person with stubborn fat can get long-lasting results. If a person has small fat pockets near chest, chin, abdomen, knees, thighs, and ankles. It is a good way of body contouring without major side effects and downtime. If you could not remove the stubborn fat through exercise and diet, you can take Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Injections. Continue reading to know how it works.

What is Aqualyx?

The Aqualyx medication was first developed and introduced by Professor Pasquale Motolese. He was the Vice President of the Italian Society of Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine at that time.  He discussed his research on stubborn fat at the Aesthetic Medical International Congress in Milan in 2004.

How Do I Know Aqualyx is Safe?

It has been approved by the European Union as safe. This medication has become quite famous all over the world due to its effectiveness. Moreover, millions of people all over the world have tried it and the results are promising. There are many reasons to trust this fat removal technique.

How Do Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Injections Work?

People often ask “how do Aqualyx fat dissolving injections work?” It is not difficult to understand the working mechanism of these injections. The Aqualyx injections are made of different plants with fat removal properties. The plant-based compounds are first refined and tested in a lab to make this medication. When injected in an area in the body, Aqualyx dissolves the membranes of fat cells. As a result, the cells of unwanted fat become unstable and eventually break up or dissolve. The immune system disposes of these broken fat cells.

How Soon Do You See Results?

The amount of fat deposit determines how many treatment sessions a person needs. In general, one to three treatments are recommended for small areas for example under the chin and jowls. On the other hand, the larger areas such as thighs often require two to eight treatments. There would be about one month or six weeks gap between two consecutive treatments sessions. Our expert will guide you about the requirements.

Are Aqualyx Results Permanent?

The Aqualyx injections are quite effective and remove the unwanted fat cells in no time. What happens in the months to come is not sure because the lifestyle and food choices are different for different people. The results of these injections last for a long time for some people and may last for a short-time for others. It is true that the body can regenerate fat cells later but the process will become slow. If a person is living a normal life, the results of the treatment can be permanent.

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