Chemical Peels in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

There are different skin treatments that can solve our skin issues without causing side effects. The chemical peels can solve many skin issue thereby delivering long-lasting and natural-looking results. Continue reading to know how long the results of chemical peel last.

What is Chemical Peeling?

If you are considering chemical peeling to fix a skin issue, you may wonder how long the results from this procedure last. The treatment causes some temporary side effects such as skin redness and skin peeling. Due to these minor side effects, there is some downtime.

If a qualified and experienced professional performs it, a person can get promising results. The treatment has amazing benefits. The treatment results are different for different people. It is due to the reasons that the skin problem and skin type of one person are different than the other.

Types of Chemical Peels?

There are different types of chemical peels. The depth and strength of the chemical peels are decided by the professional after checking the skin type and skin condition that needs to be cured.

The different chemical peels perform differently but the topmost layer of the skin is removed in all peeling treatments. The skin-friendly acids’ mixture is applied to the skin. This liquid penetrates the skin by opening the clogged pores. This way, the dead skin cells, bacteria, dirt, excess oils, and other impurities get removed.

Superficial Chemical Peels

Some chemical peels do not go deeper and have no or minimal downtime. The superficial peels do not come with long-lasting results. The intermediate and deep chemical peels have some downtime and they offer long-lasting results.

The light or superficial chemical peels are gentle enough; salicylic acid and glycolic acid are used in it. Only the topmost layer of the skin gets removed due to it. This type offers minimal peeling and redness. When the topmost skin layer gets removed, a new and glowing skin layer takes its place. The life of results delivery by them may last for one to two months.

Medium Chemical Peels

The Slightly stronger acid combination is used in medium chemical peels. Here, Trichloracetic acid or Jessner’s solution, or others acids are used in combination. They go deeper into the skin to remove the dead and flawed skin to a greater degree. This procedure must be performed by a qualified and experienced professional.

It is mostly used to address skin discoloration, deeper wrinkles, and skin laxity problems. Solving such big issues is possible with it because more skin gets removed and fresher skin gets revealed. The life of results lies between two to six months.

Deep Chemical Peels

The deeper peels work at a deeper level in the skin. The person who is going to perform it should be experienced and careful. Definitely, the stronger but skin-friendly acids are applied in this type. Here, true and burn-like wounds are created to remove the damaged skin to a deeper level.

It is more sophisticated than the superficial and medium ones. The treatment results from this option last longer than the others. The person may have to take more than one sessions with weeks’ or months’ gap. There is downtime and the person will also get side effects.

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