how to get rid of acne scar

Acne scars are pitted holes left on the skin’s surface once any active acne subsides. Acne does look ugly on the face but acne scars look the worst, especially the deep, etched scars that really appear as pitted holes. But the good news is that now you can effectively get rid of acne scars with the latest acne scars treatment in Dubai.

The skin is the largest organ of the body about 20 feet in size. It acts as an amazing shield to your bones, organs, muscles and veins to protect you from harmful environmental bodies. Additionally, humans look at each other’s skin when looking for clues to the other person’s age, health, vitality and physical appeal. However, certain skin conditions hinder the skin from looking truly beautiful, and acne scaring is one of them.

Causes and Consequences of Acne Scars

Acne scars are dents and indentations caused in the skin’s surface when acne heals and goes away. Acne is a by-product of oily skin. Sebum and everyday dirt and grime combine to form a gunk that blocks pores, resulting in black heads and pimples. If you do not get rid of pimples in time, your acne may become worse, causing permanent acne scars.

Acne scarring appears on the skin in the form of blemishes or pitted holes left behind once a pimple bursts. These conditions worsen the look and quality of your skin. You may feel self-conscious and withdrawn in social situations.

How to get rid of acne scars?

Fortunately, you do not have to live with acne scars and can easily treat them. There are numerous acne scar treatments that we offer at Laser Skin Care Clinic. But the unsightly scars caused by acne are best treated with lasers.

There are two types of laser treatment for acne scars, ablative and non-ablative.

  • Ablative Lasers:

Ablative lasers are strong remove the top layer of the skin. Ablative lasers and after treatment leave the skin red and swollen. The healing time is longer for ablative treatments, these include the Fractional CO2 laser, Nd:YAG laser and the Erbium or Er: YAG laser.

  • Non-Ablative:

Non-ablative lasers do not scrape off the top layer of the skin. As a result, they do not cause redness, scarring, swelling and do not have a long recovery period. However, these lasers are also not as effective as ablative lasers. Examples of non-ablative lasers are the pulsed dye lasers and photodynamic lasers.

How the Acne Scars Laser Treatment Works

The laser creates a mild thermal wounding below the skin’s surface, which changes the state of the sebaceous glands. This allows for effective, long-lasting acne clearance. The heating of the skin also allows for new skin to form and collagen production to be stimulated. Collagen helps to fill up acne marks and to improve the firmness, radiance and structure of the skin.

It is a true blessing to live in an age where acne scars treatments are so effective and advanced. After all, you deserve to look your best with flawless skin and a beautiful face. So stop fretting over, how to get rid of acne scars. Call us now or pay us a visit to schedule an appointment for acne scars treatment in Dubai. To benefit from our free online consultation offer, fill the form below.