Having scars and birthmarks on the face can have an ill effect on one’s overall persona since. Their appearance is quite obvious and there is little a person can do to hide them. Birthmarks are caused by hyperpigmentation prior to the birth or just after the birth. Scars on the other hand can be caused by an injury, a surgical procedure or due to acne.

For the purpose of scar removal and removal of birthmarks, there are a number of treatment options that are available. However, before opting for these treatments, there are some very useful tips a person can try and see if they help. In case of light scarring and some birthmarks, they can work wonders. Let’s have a closer look at these remedies.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is great for treating birthmarks and scars on the face. It can be consumed by mixing it in the water or applied directly to the skin to get the results. It has plenty of Vitamin C and is a natural bleaching agent which can greatly reduce the appearance of the scars and birthmarks.


Honey works really well to smoothen the skin. You can apply it directly to the scars and birthmarks for results.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is rich with ingredients that are fantastic for health in general and that of the skin in particular. To use it for treating scars and birthmarks, it can be applied directly to the affected area. It can greatly reduce the appearance of both over a period of time.


It can be used in a number of ways to good effect. Its seeds can be boiled and then allowed to be cooled down. Next up is making a paste of these seeds and applying it to the affected area. A paste of the leaves of fenugreek can also be made and applied for fantastic results.

Olive Oil

It is a natural moisturizer and its good affects are not just limited for cooking. To treat scars, it can be applied directly to them. The oil will need to be applied for some time to achieve the desired outcome.

Cocoa Butter

It has the ability to make the skin soft and smooth and at the same time, take good care of birthmarks and scars. Applying it regularly can greatly help in having a skin free from these problems.

Vitamin E Cream

Vitamin E does a great job in reducing the appearance of scars as well as birthmarks. Creams that contain the vitamin are available in most drug stores and can be applied for results.

Ice Packs

Ice packs help in tightening the skin. You can make them at home by wrapping two to three ice cubes in a clean piece of cloth. Apply the pack to the affected area for a few minutes every day. Repeat this every day to ensure that the appearance of birthmarks and scars is lessened as it tightens the skin.


Yogurt can be applied directly to the scars and birthmarks and later washed away. It can also be used in form of a paste by adding barley and turmeric and applied directly to the affected areas. It works pretty well to treat the problem.

Aloe Vera

No discussion of a home remedy related with skin can be completed without its mention. It is one of the most commonly used ingredient in skincare products. Its pulp can be applied to the skin to reduce the appearance of the birthmarks and scars. It can also be mixed in water to make a drink which is very good for health as well.

If these home remedies do not work for your scars or birthmarks, it is time to get a proper treatment. There are a number of options from which you can choose.

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