Spider veins in Dubai

Have you ever noticed red or purplish lines on your feet or legs? Do they look unsightly and out of place? If so, you have spider veins. It is a cosmetic problem that affects the people all around the globe. It takes place because of the small valves in the legs are not performing their function properly. Although they do not have any physical symptoms, their appearance is a problem and people want to get rid of them.

Laser treatment for Spider Veins in Dubai is an excellent option. However, the first intention should be to ensure that the treatment is not needed at all. This can be done by understanding the factors that cause spider veins and how to counter these factors. We shall learn more in the following lines.

Causes of spider veins

There are numerous factors that are associated with the appearance of spider veins. Sudden weight gain or losses is the first step towards the appearance of spider veins. Hormonal imbalance too is related with the appearance of spider veins which teams up with other factors. Pushing too hard in running or exercise can also cause spider veins. Sitting particularly with your legs hanging for long periods is a huge problem. Hereditary factors also play their part and a person whose one parent had spider veins is a lot more likely to have them too in comparison with someone whose parents did not have them. Older people have a greater possibility of getting the problem as well.

How to keep spider veins away

Don’t lose hope, there are still ways in which spider veins can be kept at bay. Let’s take a look.

Get off that couch

Sitting for too long can be a big issue and can cause spider veins. In order to not have them, ensure that you do not sit for too long and get a move on. This way, the valves in the legs are more likely to maintain their proper functionality and the risk of spider veins it kept to a minimum.

Keep your weight in check

Ensure that you do not gain or lose weight in too much of a rush. Some exercise can help in maintaining a healthy weight. With sudden weight increase, there is a greater pressure on the legs and spider veins are the usual outcome of such an event. Even useful activities like exercise and jogging in obese people can cause spider veins.

Take good care of your legs

Legs need to be pampered a little to ensure that spider veins do not take place. A few simple steps can help in this regard. Do not sit for too long hanging your legs down. It is one of the more common spider veins causing factors. Also do not sit with your legs crossed since this too causing the problem. Be sure to have a light massage occasionally as well.

Use sunscreen

This one may seem somewhat strange but exposure to UV rays can cause spider veins and by applying sunscreen to the legs and feet if they are exposed ensures that these rays do not damage the skin; thus keeping the skin condition away.

Improve clothing choices

Wearing clothing that is overly tight can cause spider veins and wearing loose clothing can be very useful. Also make sure that you wear quality footwear that has good cushioning as well. If you are prone to spider veins, use of compression layers on the legs can help a lot.

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Please note that we advise cosmetic procedures to be availed only for therapeutic or reconstructive reasons. If you have any symptoms of pain that persist after the treatment, we strongly advise that you see your doctor.