Ever seen a newly born baby that has really fresh skin, skin that glows tremendously and whether you noticed or not but those fresh and bright eyes look so beautiful. We do wish if we could get the same freshness and brightness but then we get stuck somewhere in the question that How to keep Eyes Fresh and Bright. Use of excessive technology gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, PSP all of them have equal contribution in adding dark circles around our eyes.

Ever wondered why these circles cover our eyes, what are the factors that let these circles grow darker and darker, and how to keep your eyes fresh and bright? Let’s walk through the path of beauticians and dermatologists to find out all the answers.

Dark Circles and its Types

Dark Circles are the one that covers the underneath portion of your eyes. For layman dark circles may only mean dark circles but different genres of these circles have been classified by beauty experts. Some of the most common are:-

  1. Purple Under- Eye Circles

These are caused by pigmentation or are genetic.

  1. Blue Under-Eye Circles

These are commonly caused by lack of sleep or a stressful lifestyle.

  1. Brown Under-Eye Circles

Red or brown-tinted dark circles are generally caused by aging or genetic factors.

  1. Shadowed Under-Eye Circles

Shadowed under-eye areas are caused by aging or weight loss.

Since we have discussed about dark circles (الهالات السوداء) and its types, now let’s find out the ways that should help you out in getting the answer to most commonly asked question i.e. how to keep your eyes fresh and bright.

That’s how to keep your Eyes Fresh and Bright

If you are the one who was betraying here and there to regain the shine of your eyes then you’re blessed enough to land on the right page. Since there are the number of beauty pundits suggesting different techniques as per their experience but finding the right way and long-lasting is the goal that you must achieve. Depending upon your choice ways to look bright vary from home remedies to laser treatments. Let’s explore all the available techniques one by one.

Topical Creams Application

Traditional yet accepted mechanisms used to remove circles around your eyes. However, such a mechanism is used only to get rid of circles that appear under the eye. These topical creams peel the dark skin while bringing the fresh one on the upper side.

Chemical Peels

There are number of skin disorder that can be treated with the chemical peels and dark circles is one of them. This technique is used by dermatologists if they find that dark circles are caused by hyperpigmentation.

Dermal fillers

Facial volume loss on account of aging factors is another reason that gives rise to under-eye circles. In some cases, a dermatologist will prefer to use a soft gel-like substance known as dermal fillers. These fillers are used to regain the beauty of your skin under the eye.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

If you are one who has seen decades and decades of life, there are chances the waves of time might have left its blue or dark purple marks under your eyes. In such an event if you opt to regain your ravishing and captive eyes, then your doctor may recommend you Intense Pulsed Light Therapy that should help you to resurface your skin thus enabling you to regain the freshness and brightness of your eyes.


So the final answer to your question that How to keep your Eyes Fresh and Bright is Mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is a technique in which a mixture of different substances is injected in the targeted area of eyes. But for those who are about to opt this sort of technique will have to be patient as it will require multiple sessions to get the desired result.

I am Not Sure What Type of Dark Circles I am Having

Of course for a layman dark circles are dark circles however for professional dermatologists they may vary. However, there’s no need to worry at all as we have made it possible to get free consultation by filling an online form and one of our experts will let you know the type as well as the way to keep your eyes fresh and bright.