Ultherapy Treatment

Sagging skin is a very common in advanced age and one that can be corrected with the right treatment. Surgical facelifts have long been the preferred method as they offer the very best of results from any treatment for this purpose. However, in recent times, there has been a greater emphasis on nonsurgical treatments since they take lesser time to heal and the level of risk associated with them is also far less.

Ultherapy Dubai is one of the most renowned treatments for the purpose of getting rid of sagginess. The treatment is noninvasive and highly effective. Currently, it is a highly sought after treatment option in the Gulf States. We shall learn a little bit more about it as well as how it can be used in a more effective manner.

How does the treatment work?

Ultherapy is a treatment technique that brings to use ultrasound energy in order to correct sagging skin with the help of a specialized device. It works by bypassing the top layers of the skin and worker at a deeper level. The ultrasound energy when it reaches the desired level of the skin converts into heat energy. The right set of conditions needed for the generation of collagen are provided and the production of this often depleted structural protein is boosted once again.

There are no other serums or medications used in the treatment and the results are achieved purely through ultrasound energy. It does take a few days for the levels of collagen to go up significantly so the final results from the given treatment session take a few days to show up completely.

How to prevent the pain?

In order to ensure that no pain is felt during the treatment, ensure that cooling gel is applied to the area to be treated prior to the start of the treatment. This helps in keeping the stinging feeling away. Also check with your practitioner if they are have the option of blowing cool air during the treatment which can be very soothing as well.

How to get the desired results?

The simple trick to achieve the desired results from Ultherapy is that you get the required number sessions done. Generally five to six sessions are needed to get rid of sagging skin. make sure that you take your doctor’s recommendation and get the treatment done all the way.

Minimizing side effects

The side effects with Ultherapy are generally not very extensive and limited to tenderness to touch in the treated area, redness and swelling and itching as well. To counter these issues, cold packs can be used to good effect. They can help in speeding up the healing process and make a person more comfortable.

Photosensitivity is also developed after the treatment. Avoid sun during the peak hours and wear a broad spectrum sunscreen when you move out during the day. Also wear a large floppy hat to provide your skin with the maximum coverage. Taking these steps can help protect the skin against the harmful UV rays.

Gaining the edge over surgical facelift

One of the common queries about Ultherapy is that can it replace the surgical facelift altogether. The results though are very good, they are not the same as the surgery. However, what adds to the advantage of Ultherapy is the fact that the treat does not pose any long downtimes like the surgical facelift. The surgery also poses several health related risks including scarring and infections which are not present in case of Ultherapy. The minimal risks associated with the treatment make it an ideal alternative to the surgical facelift.

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