Spider Veins

There are a number of skin conditions that may not have any symptoms associated with them in general but can affect the appearance. Spider veins is one such phenomenon which has more of a cosmetic effect.

A web of veins becomes visible from underneath the skin in blue, red, purple or violet colors. These take place when the small valves in the vessels stop working and they get stretched by the blood and eventually become visible.

There are treatment options for this condition. However, it is important to avoid them in the first place. While hereditary factors do play a part in their appearance, there are several other factors that can be controlled and the likelihood of the problem can be reduced. We shall learn more about the prevention in the following lines.

Pamper your legs

Treat your legs with most care since most spider veins appear in the legs and feet. Do not cross them while sitting as it causes spider veins. Try not to sit too long hanging your legs as well and keep them high, ideally leveled.

Get a move on

Do not sit or stand in one position for too long and keep on moving. Walking, running and exercising can all help in dealing with spider veins. This allows better flow of blood and thus lesser spider veins. Be sure to move once at least every thirty minutes even if it is for taking a few steps.

Keep the weight in check

Being overweight or obese increases the risk of spider veins treatment. Keep your weight in check to ensure that extra pressure is not put on your legs and the risk of these unsightly veins is minimized. Even healthy activities like jogging and exercising can cause spider veins in obese people.

Apply Sunscreen

This may seem odd but application of sunscreen can help. Spider veins can be formed on the face as well as legs and feet. Sunscreen can protect against the UV rays which can play a part in the appearance of these veins. When going outdoors, apply sunscreen not only on the face and neck but also on the other exposed parts of the body especially the legs. If you go out to run or jog, be sure to use it every time.

Better clothing choices

Some small improvement in the clothing choices can certainly help in avoiding spider veins. Avoid wearing clothing that is too tight. Use of compression layers on the legs can reduce the chances of spider veins as well as varicose veins. Wearing good foot wear when exercising and jogging as well as in normal routine too reduces the stress from the feet and legs and helps in preventing varicose veins.

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