Acne! Even the name is haunting in itself, but what’s more disturbing and debilitating is the scarring it causes. Most people are told acne and acne scars don’t have any cure. But don’t let anybody disappoint you with this statement. Both acne and acne scars are curable. All that you need to do is get them treated at the earliest – as soon as you see the initial symptoms of acne and acne scars. Why delay or postpone aggravating skin problems? Its time you get your acne scars treatment with the best in town. Wondering how to remove acne scars in Dubai? Contact Laser Skin Care Clinic and let our experts guide and treat you.

Who is more likely to get acne?

Both sexes stand equal chances of developing acne. Testosterone is found in both genders and so both, when tend to have increased levels of this hormone, can develop acne. It usually starts at puberty and tends to decrease after 20s, but the time span cannot be fixed. In women it can erupt every time they face hormonal imbalance, for example during pregnancy, or when using oral contraceptives or in later years after menopause. All ages and races can experience it. Acne usually hits younger boys and girls. Young men experience it for longer as compared to their female counterparts. Acne does not appear on face alone. It can also affect shoulders, upper arms and back.

How to remove acne scars? (علاج اثار حب الشباب)

You are not alone to ask this question. About 50% of the skincare cases that we treat in our clinic show up seeking Acne Scars Treatment in Dubai. Considering your concerns, our experts at Laser Skin Care Clinic have come up with scientific solutions. We offer a variety of options for Acne Treatment in Dubai and acne scars treatment. We offer Chemical Peels, Fractional CO2 Lasers and Microdermabrasion to clear your skin from unsightly acne scars.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peeling is of two types: salicylic and glycolic. In salicylic peeling, the top layer of your skin is made to shed in a bid to get rid of dead skin cells. This releases the trapped sebum to escape and clear up pores that were causing acne. Salicylic is an aspirin like compound and is good for Acne Treatment. Glycolic acid treatment is a little intense as it targets deeper layers of skin as well. Besides allowing you to remove acne scars, Glycolic Peels also helps to reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles. Chemical peels treatment just boost up your natural skin regeneration process.

Laser Treatment for Acne and Acne Scars:

This advanced technique can be availed at our clinic to remove acne scars. We use Fractional CO2 Lasers to treat stubborn, deep scars, whereas intense pulse light (IPL), is used for treating mild to moderate scarring. Added benefit of Acne Laser Treatment is that your pores shrink and blemishes also fade away.


This technique involves bombarding crystals on your face to buff away top layer comprising of dead skin cells. Aluminum oxide crystals are bombarded on the treatment area to remove hard scar tissues. This technique helps to eliminate scarring of all types, sunburns, uneven skin tone and stretch marks. It also helps boost natural collagen production. It is an effective treatment to treat mild acne scars and make your skin smooth and invigorated.

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