Fine lines and Wrinkles

The appearance of Fine lines and wrinkles is the start of natural aging process. They are the first signs that show on the skin and after their appearance, the skin continues to deteriorate. With time, other problems too start to catch up. To maintain a young appearance, it is imperative that the fine lines and wrinkles are stopped before they appear. If they have already appeared, there are several treatment options that can be brought to use. We shall learn about the avoidance and treatments for fine lines and wrinkles in the following lines.

How to keep fine lines and wrinkles away

Keeping fines lines and wrinkles away is not an impossible task and by taking good care of the skin, one can delay their appearance by many years. The key is to get adequate sleep and drink lots of water to ensure that the skin remains hydrated. It is also critical that sun is avoided and sunscreen is applied prior to leaving for outdoors. A large hat too can help protect the skin.

A balanced diet will help in getting all the nutrients that are good for the health in general and for the skin as well. Avoiding ill habits like smoking and consumption of alcohol also leave a good effect on the skin in the longer run.

Treatments for fine lines and wrinkles

Below we shall examine some of the commonly used treatments for fine lines and wrinkles that works quite well.

Topical Treatments

The first kind of treatment that is used for this purpose are topical creams. There are different types of creams that are available for the purpose. It is important that a doctor prescribes the cream and one should not act upon hearsay. These creams generally do not have any serious side effects and bring reasonably good results. However, it is important that they are applied for weeks if not months to achieve the desired results.


The treatment works by exfoliating the top layer of the skin. This is achieved with the help tiny crystals that are sprayed on the skin with the help of a handheld. The exfoliated skin and used crystals are later sucked into a chamber later on. This allows the healing process in the skin to jumpstart and new skin comes on top. At the same time, the level of collagen is also boosted in the skin which makes the skin suppler.

The treatment needs to be performed a few times to achieve the desired results. There is no downtime and side effects are quite light. There is very little pain involved which can be removed by applying topical anesthetics prior to the start of the treatment.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing is the ideal solution for fine lines and wrinkles. It makes tiny holes in the top layer of the skin in order to allow new skin to replace damaged skin. Over the next few days, the skin crusts away and is replaced with new top layer. At the same time, the level of collagen and elastin too is increased in the skin which makes it suppler and firmer.

The treatment has very few side effects and there is no downtime. It is performed after the application of topical anesthetics so that no sensation of pain is felt. Like all similar treatments, a few sessions of fractional CO2 are needed as well to achieve the desired results.

Chemical Peels

These are acidic solutions that are applied on to the skin in order to resurface and allow healthier skin to replace it over the next few days. They also help the level of collagen in the skin which further improves the condition of the skin. There are generally few side effects and there may be some downtime in certain cases.

The treatment generally needs to be repeated a few times to achieve the desired results though if deep peels are used, it is a onetime treatment. It is best that the application of the peels are left to the professionals in a proper professional setting since an amateur job can adds risk to burning the skin.


Botox or Botolinum Toxin Type A is a lethal neurotoxin that works extremely well to correct a number of skin related problems including fine lines and wrinkles. Its use for cosmetic as well as some medicinal purposes is quite safe. It is injected into the muscle underneath the skin that has wrinkles on it. As the movement of this muscle is inhibited, the appearance of the wrinkles starts to disappear over the next few days.

The treatment remains effective for several months after which it can be repeated. The side effects are quite mild and there is generally no downtime. Since the treatment has injections, there is only pinprick pain which is really light and can be withstood with ease.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are mostly composed of natural fat and collagen. Like Botox, they remain effective for a specific period of time after which they need to be injected again. Their effect can last from a few months to up to two years. The fillers are injected into the affected area where they help in raising the appearance of the skin and allowing it to look firm and supple.

The treatment is noninvasive and there are only pinpricks involved so there is little pain. Side effects are mild and there is no downtime. It does take a few days for the treatment to completely take effect.

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