Dermatological disorders are very much in numbers ranging from acne scars to varicose veins and from Rosacea to hyperpigmentation. Though some of these really prove no discomfort to us other than the mental stress that we seek while looking ourselves in front of the mirror. Generally, if any of us has black or dark tan marks around one side of our face, soon we start urging if we had really fresh skin or at least the visible area would have been clear. However, some of these dermatological disorders are quite easy to get rid of while other needs special treatment, maybe visiting local clinician, beautician or even laser expert. Hyperpigmentation treatment if not made in the early stages can affect your charming skin. Before heading to the hyperpigmentation, let’s discuss the term itself and any related information.

Hyperpigmentation, one of the most common skin conditions is one of the most difficult to treat. For those who aren’t aware of hyperpigmentation, this skin disorder can cause significant distress as the dark spots tend to appear on the most visible parts of your body i.e. face, hands and other parts that are difficult to hide.

What are Different Types of Hyperpigmentation?

Broadly speaking when it comes to hyperpigmentation treatment then there are four different genres that should be kept in mind.

Hyperpigmentation Type Melasma Sunspots Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation Freckles


Color Light or Medium Brown Light or Dark Brown Pink, Red or brown Light to Dark Brown or even red to black
Area Where it Appears


On the cheeks, side of the face, upper part of the nose, forehead On the face, chest, and hands Anywhere on the face On the face, chest, and arms
Caused By


Majorly during pregnancy when coupled exposes to sunshine The sun Inflammatory Acne The Sun
Physical Appearance Splotchy patches that are inconsistent in size and shape Small, flat dark spots Flat Spots Concentrated Small Spots


We are sure, now you will have a perfect idea about hyperpigmentation and its type. Now let’s be your virtual doctor by letting you know about possible Hyperpigmentation treatments. Since there are a variety of ways that might produce different results. However, we will only let you know the most effective and instant ways of applying which you will achieve desired results.


One of the latest yet dominating for hyperpigmentation treatment is Microdermabrasion. In this method, damaged skin is exfoliated with the help of a sophisticated devices. This device keeps on buffing the damaged skin by spraying crystals at a controlled rate which resultantly helps in replacing the new layer of skin with the damaged one. This needs some sessions, however, results are long-lasting.

Chemical Peels

Following decades of practice, chemical peels still means a lot in the cosmetic world. Whenever it comes to a dermatological disorder like hyperpigmentation, a large number of people prefer to let their skins fill with a number of creams so as to get rid of any physically appearing spot.

Intense Pulsed Light

Evolved very recently in the cosmetic and medical world. This is one of its kind that is carried on for the treatment of hyperpigmentation. Using this method a high – powered, handheld, computer-controlled flashgun is used to deliver an intense, broad-spectrum pulse of light.

Now it’s Your Turn

Since we have mentioned each and every aspect related to hyperpigmentation and its treatment now this entirely depends upon you. And in case you want to know more than that then we would ask you to take few minutes by filling an online form so one of our medical experts will get back to you to guide you further.