Laser Vaginal Tightening

The human body goes through a lot over the years and as middle and older ages come, there are a number of health-related conditions that one has to deal with. Many of them can be avoided or delayed by several years with a healthy lifestyle. Some are inevitable and sooner or later they take place. One such issue for women is known as vaginal laxity. Fortunately, like most similar issues, it can be treated. The best option for this purpose is Laser vaginal tightening.

It is a non-invasive procedure that brings laser energy to use in order to correct the factors that cause the laxity in the first place. With very few side effects and no downtime, the treatment is a real winner. We shall briefly look at the causes of vaginal laxity and the ill effects it causes to better understand while laser vaginal tightening is an important treatment.

What are the causes of vaginal laxity?

The problem does not take place overnight and there are certain factors that continue to contribute over the years to cause vaginal laxity. Aging process and gravity are two of the main factors behind the problem. These are natural issues that are impossible to avoid.

Loss of collagen in the vagina also plays a major role that often takes place due to the birth of children. It is probably an issue that has a greater effect than the two mentioned previously in causing laxity. Laser treatment helps in correcting the loss of collagen and helps in building higher levels of collagen.

What are the ill effects of vaginal laxity?

There are a number of issues that a person may go through as a result of this problem. We shall take a look at them.

Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence is the involuntary release of urine. There are a number of types of incontinence including stress, urge and overflow. Vaginal laxity is one of the factors that can cause urinary incontinence. Loss of urine is quite common with millions around the globe suffering from it. Women suffer it a lot more in comparison with men with numbers getting higher in older age.

With Laser vaginal tightening the issues can be corrected once the treatment has been completed. The treatment helps a woman from getting free from the stress and at times embarrassment caused by urinary incontinence.

Loss of sexual pleasure

Vaginal laxity also causes women to lose their pleasure from sexual intercourse as the natural sensation in the area is greatly reduced. This can be very problematic as women are unable to achieve orgasm and this negatively affects the relationships as well. The lack of pleasure can make a person feel unsatisfied and unhappy even angry at times.

 Loss of confidence

Women that suffer from the laxity may suffer from lack of confidence. This is not unnatural as they are unable to enjoy their relationship to the fullest. Memories of the past can also contribute to this issue. To regain confidence, it is important to get the treatment.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that by getting the treatment for vaginal laxity, a woman can feel at ease both physically and mentally. Many women suggest that they feel the same sensations as they did before the birth of their children. The procedure for the treatment is very simple and does not cause any disruption in daily life whatsoever. So if you are going through mental and physical agony due to vaginal laxity, take control and get the treatment now.

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