dark skin ipl treatment

Each of us has a different skin tone. The skin color is not all about different appearance to our eyes. Different skin color means a different formation of pigmentation melanin in skin cells. The difference in skin cells formation often limits our treatment choices. That is why early lasers were harmful to the dark skin. Today, we have lasers that no longer harm people with dark skin. Same holds true for IPL; it is no good for the people with dark skin.

How does Intense Pulsed Light Works?

Intense pulsed light therapy makes use of high-intensity light to solve underlying causes of skin conditions and marks. Intense pulsed light treatment in Dubai is a safe and effective solution to cure more than one skin problem. The treatment uses heated light of varying wavelengths to resurface the skin. The following skin problems can be cured with IPL treatment.

  • Freckles
  • Rosacea
  • Age Marks
  • Rosy Cheeks
  • Port Wine Stains
  • Spider Angiomas
  • Dark Hair Removal
  • Broken Facial Veins
  • Red Thread Veins on Legs
  • Facial Lines and Wrinkles

Intense Pulsed Light for Dark Skin

As we have discussed above, a high-intensity light is being used in this treatment. That is why it involves certain risk and only a highly professional person should be chosen to take this treatment. As a matter of fact, the dark skin is a good absorbent of heat, this treatment can harm if taken by a person with dark skin. The professional needs to take great care while treating even Caucasian white people. Laser hair removal for dark skin is completely safe.

Cost of IPL Treatment

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