Glutathione injection of Skin Whitening

The concept of beauty is relative to what the society feels to be beautiful. These standards have varied through the different eras. Even today, the concept of beauty varies in different regions in the world. One of the traits that is somewhat common is the preference of lighter skin shades. People especially living in Asia are interested in having a lighter skin tone.

There are different kinds of treatments that are available for this purpose. Glutathione injection is one of the names that is gaining a lot of attention for the purpose of skin whitening. It is available both in form of pills as well as injections. We shall learn more about glutathione and how it works as well as if it is a good option to get your skin tone lightened.

What is glutathione?

Glutathione is a very powerful antioxidant that is naturally present in the human body and can be found in certain foods as well. It is used for treating a number of problems in the human body. it is also useful for countering free radicals. As a side effect, it is able to lighten the skin tone and also treat certain other skin issues like pigmentation and scars.

The two modes of treatments i.e, the pills and the injections work in different styles. Let’s take a look as to how they go about achieving the task of lightening the skin tone.


The pills are easily available in drug stores without any prescription. These generally are to be taken twice a day in order to lighten the color of the skin. The treatment takes a while to show its results. Typically pills may be consumed for four to six months. The outcome generally has been good and some improvement in the skin shade can be seen. Many practitioners though feel that the pills are not enough to achieve the desired outcome and injections are a much better option in this regard.


Injections are administered one by one over a period of time and bring fairly good results at the end of the day. A total of 15 injections are injected intravenously over a period of 15 weeks to lighten the skin tone. Doctors feel that this is a more effective method since glutathione can be delivered in better amounts through the injection when compared with pills. It is important that the injections are administered by a medical professional at the advice of a doctor and you should not start getting these injections on your own.

Is it a safe option?

Glutathione injections is a very useful antioxidant as discussed above and in the right amount, it has many benefits for the skin and the body in general. However if the glutathione levels in the body are higher than required, they can cause a certain number of skin related issues. These include stomach ache, blood poisoning, kidney failure and Steven-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) along with a number of other conditions. These are significant risks that raise a question mark on the usage of Glutathione as a skin whitener. These risks are generally lesser with the pills though they cannot be ruled out along with some other minor conditions.

The Food and Drug Administration of USA (FDA) does not recommend the treatment for skin whitening due to the above mentioned risks. The significant level of risk associated with the treatment combined with the fact that it is not a prescription drug makes it quite risky. It is best to stick to more traditional methods of skin whitening since they are proven over a long period of time and most of them are approved by FDA.

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