underarm skin peeling

Underarms are meant to resemble the same color as the rest of your skin. But most of the time the skin under your arms turns black and can even produce a foul smell that can embarrass you in front of everyone else. People who like to wear tank tops are too conscious about their underarms as darker underarms can shatter their confidence. 

Dark underarms do not pose a serious threat to your health or anything but they can certainly make you look very bad. Don’t worry too much because chemical peels treatment is here to help you get rid of these pesky dark spots under the arms. 

Let’s see if this underarm skin peeling treatment is effective or not. 

Cause of Underarm Skin Darkening 

When your skin contains more melanocytes than usual and these melanocytes multiply more, they can form dense and dark-colored patches on your skin. The most common areas that become darker include armpits, elbows, knees, and the back of the neck. 

The number of melanocytes you get depends on your genetics as well as your family history. Hair removal from repeated shaving or plucking can also stimulate the production of melanocytes in that particular area. 

Other causes of underarm darkening include bacterial infections, melanoma, or type two diabetes. 

What are Chemical Peels? 

Chemical peels are one of the most effective cosmetic treatments that can be used on underarms, elbows, and your facial skin to enhance your appearance. 

This particular procedure uses some FDA approved acids to peel off the older skin and reveal the new skin that is underneath. The new skin is often less wrinkled, smoother, and much brighter than the old skin. 

Types of Chemical Peels 

There are three main types of chemical peels that are classified on the basis of their strength. 

  • Light/Mild Peel 

This type of peel uses mild acids to peel off the outer layer of the skin. Alpha-hydroxy acid is used for this purpose that gently exfoliates the skin. 

  • Medium Peel 

This type of peel uses moderate acids such as glycolic acid to reach the middle layer of the skin. This peel can even remove damaged skin cells to reveal new cells.  

  • Deep Peel 

This type of peel uses very strong acids to completely peel off the damaged skin. These acids include trichloroacetic acid and phenol. This peel has a recovery time of about 14 days (2 weeks). 

Underarm Skin Peeling 

Now it’s time to answer the question we all are here for. Many studies have proven that chemical peeling can work wonders in brightening the underarms.  

In just minutes after application, the acids start dissolving the dead skin cells that are causing dark pigmentation that followed by a lovely chain reaction. Eventually, the topmost skin layer sheds away.  

The shedding of topmost skin cells sends a signal to living cells that are underneath to move up. This increases collagen production, hence producing more hyaluronic acid. 

A dermatologist uses deep peel or a medium peel for peeling underarms, based upon your skin condition. Most of the time a medium peel is enough to exfoliate the skin and remove additional melanocytes. 

The Procedure 

Light peel as well as the medium peel is done in an office but the deep peel is done in some surgical facility to deal with any complications that may arise. You will need to tie your hair at the back, have your face cleaned and some eye protection may also be applied to save your eyes from the strong acids.  

A solution of trichloroacetic acid along with glycolic acid is applied to your skin and then removed when the procedure is done. You might need 2 weeks to heal properly after deep peel treatment. You would also need proper post-peel medicines and creams to fully regenerate a new skin layer. 

Underarm Rash Treatment 

Chemical peels can cause rashes if you are not careful after the procedure. To avoid rashes as well as underarm itching, you need to lubricate your skin with a gentle soap. You can use a shaving cream before undergoing any treatment or applying any medication.  

Bottom Line 

Dark underarms are mostly harmless and do not pose a life threat by any means, still, they should not be left untreated. They’re worth getting examined by a board-certified dermatologist.  

If you are suffering from diabetes or some thyroid issue, consult with your doctor right away because it can worsen the problem.  

Here at Laser Skin Care, we have a team of some very professional dermatologists who are always very happy and more than willing to help you get rid of dark underarms. So, what are you waiting for? Immediately book a free appointment and seek professional assistance.