Acne Treatment

Acne is the name of every teen’s nightmare. The breakouts can take place at any timeand can ruin your perfect look. It is a common problem and no specific race or region is affected by it. About 80% of the people are affected by it at some point in their lives.Teens are mostly affected by it during their adolescence as the hormones are raging.

In order to learn about acne, how to deal with it and Acne treatments in Dubai, let’s dig in a little deeper.

A brief look into acne

Acne takes place due to clogging of pores that takes place with a combination of sebum and dead skin cells. The clogged pores at the ideal home for the bacteria that cause acne. There are numerous other factors behind the acne including certain foods, stress, poor hygiene and overly dry skin. Hormonal imbalance too has ill effects on the skin and can cause acne.

Acne can be minimized by taking good care of the skin. Keeping hands away from the face, cleansing and exfoliating the skin and keeping stress away all help in keeping acne at bay. Ensuring that the skin does not get very dry also helps. If acne still persists, it’s time to get it treated before it can cause the much dreaded scarring.

Treatment options

Let’s take a look at the treatment options that are available for acne trouble.

Laser treatment

Laser treatments are highly effective in correcting a host of skin conditions and it is the same when it comes to acne and acne scarring. Skin resurfacing laser is used for the purpose of unclogging pores and kill the bacteria that causes acne. Collagen and elastin levels are also boosted as a result of the treatment which firm up the skin and help in correcting acne scarring. The new skin that is formed is healthier.

The treatment needs to be repeated a few times to achieve an acne free skin. There is no downtime and side effects for the most part are minimaland temporary. There is very little pain involved in the treatment and it can be numbed down by applying topical anesthetics to the area to be treated before the procedure gets underway.

Topical treatments

There are many creams that are available for the purpose of getting rid of acne. These creams are mostly based on vitamin A and antibiotics. Mostly they have little side effects and do ring good results though they can take a while in doing so. They work by killing the acne causing bacteria and unclogging the pores. Be sure to see a doctor to learn which cream is ideal for your condition and skin type. The same product may not be effective for everyone.

Oral medications

Oral medications can be quite effective in getting rid of acne trouble as well. They may be used along with creams in order to drive out the maximum benefit. The commonly used medications are antibiotics and combined oral contraceptives. The latter are highly effective in young females. In rare cases, where no other medication or treatment helps acne, isotrentinoin may be used. It is an acne medication that has very serious side effects and doctors prefer to use it only as the last resort option. Acne oral medications need to be taken as per doctor’s direction to achieve the desired outcome.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are acidic solutions available in different strengths that resurface the top layer of the skin for the purpose of correcting a host of skin conditions including acne as well as mild acne scarring. After cleansing the skin to get rid of impurities, the peels are applied and left in place for a specific amount of time before being removed. As they resurface the top layer of the skin, they are also able to kill the bacteria that cause acne. New skin that comes up on top is healthier.

Depending upon the type of peels, the treatment may or may not be repeated. Side effects can vary with the strength of the peels and usually there is no downtime. Topical or local anesthesia may be used to ensure that the sensation of discomfort is minimized. It is best that the application of chemical peels is left to professionals since an amateur can damage and even burn the skin which can be quite painful.

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