Katy Perry’s

Katy Perry is a name that needs no introduction. The singer, song writer and actress is often in the news for all the good reasons. She is making headline once again with Glu Mobile releasing a game called ‘Katy Perry Pop’. The game releases tomorrow and is expected to be a big hit.

The game will allow aspiring singers to record their songs and make their own music videos. The company also launched a game called Kim Kardashian; Hollywood which was a huge success last year. Glu Mobile is hopeful to replicate their success from previous ventures.

It is more than likely that the game will be a big hit as Katy Perry as a brand is much sought after. The 31-year-old has achieved plenty of success in her music career. Along with her music, her good looks have won her many accolades as well with a number of magazines naming her as the most desirable lady in the world.

While Perry maintains a flawless appearance, it is also true that she as a teenager struggled a lot with acne. Acne often can ruin the appearance and chronic acne can leave scarring as well as damage a person’s confidence. However, Katy has done well and now appears to have the acne trouble well under control.

It is not uncommon for young adults to suffer from acne. Many of them are able to bid acne adieu by they reach twenty. However, some are not so fortunate and they must seek treatment to ensure that the skin issue is kept at bay.

In order to counter acne, there are a number of routes one can adopt. Home remedies for acne are quite effective provided that they are used at the right time. If the acne trouble aggravates, they may offer very little help.

Topical creams are generally the next type of treatment that is recommended by the doctors. They can work pretty well but need to be used for a long period of time to remove acne. It may not be able to fix the issue every time. Oral medications can also be used along with creams.

In case of failure of all the above mentioned treatments,clinical procedures like Fractional CO2 and chemical peels are a great option. These options are not only good for acne but can also correct acne scarring. If you suffer from acne, do not lose hope and get treated. You too can fight it out like Katy Perry and have a flawless skin.

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Please note that we advise cosmetic procedures to be availed only for therapeutic or reconstructive reasons. If you have any symptoms of pain that persist after the treatment, we strongly advise that you see your doctor.