Gone are the days when laser hair removal was not considered effective for dark skin. Modern laser systems allow treating almost all hair types and colors. So, next time someone tells you that laser hair removal on dark skin cannot be successfully performed, in order to sell you a different hair removal service, don’t believe them.

Laser Hair Removal can be successful and effective on dark skin, but to benefit from the procedure, you must be well-informed. Do your research thoroughly to find out the Laser Clinics in Dubai offering laser hair removal for your own special situation. People with light/pale skin and dark hair are lucky in a sense that they can be treated with almost any FDA-approved laser system. But if you are seeking Laser Hair Removal for your dark skin, you need to be a little choosier.

Modern Laser Systems

All laser systems can temporarily reduce the growth of hair on dark skins, but with older laser systems it is highly unlikely to have permanent hair reduction. If you get treated hair on dark skin with an ordinary laser system, the treatment would need to be repeated every 2-3 months to maintain the results.

Modern systems allow the laser expert to alter the range, wavelength, precision and other parameters and adjust according to the individual situation, based on the color of hair and skin. All modern clinics equipped with more advanced technology offer laser hair removal for dark skin

In addition to that, several laser hair removal clinics nowadays offer pre-laser treatments in which the hair follicle is artificially dyed with a darker pigment. This increases the options and efficacy of laser hair removal on dark skin.

The Fitzpatrick Chart

It is your doctor’s job to classify your hair and skin color based on specially prepared charts. In your initial consultation, make sure that your clinician uses one such chart to classify your hair and skin type. “The Fitzpatrick Chart” is a commonly used chart for skin and hair classification. It classifies skin color into six distinct types, based on their physical appearance and response to tanning and sunburns.

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