Unwanted hair on face and body is a common problem that people have been tackling since ancient times. Unwanted body hair can be a source of distress for many since they add an untidy look to your personality. There are numerous traditional hair removal techniques such as shaving, waxing, tweezing and plucking, but none of them offers permanent results. In fact, most of the techniques cause the hair to grow back thicker and coarser, making the condition even worse. Ingrown hairs are also often associated with shaving and waxing. Moreover, they damage your skin cells and make your skin appear dull and dry.

What is the Cure?

If you are also fed up with trying these not-so-effective traditional hair removal methods, switch to Laser Hair Removal in Dubai and enjoy smooth and glowing skin forever. It is an extremely effective and safe hair removal technique that provides guaranteed results without damaging your skin. Generally, four to six treatments are enough to achieve desired results. However, this may vary from person to person depending on the color and texture of the hair as well as the area of treatment. For example, thinner skinned areas such as armpits and bikini line generally respond quicker to laser treatment than thick skinned areas such as chin and back.

What Makes Laser Hair Removal One of a Kind?

What makes laser hair removal in Dubai, an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure is its ability to offer lasting results with minimal discomfort and fewer complications as compared to any other hair removal technique. Latest laser machines are also equipped with a cooling device to not only further minimize the discomfort associated with the procedure but also to protect the skin from burns and hyperpigmentation.

Is it Possible to Use Laser Devices at Home?

Nowadays, there are numerous do-it-yourself laser devices available that you can use to eliminate unwanted hair in the privacy of your home but they are not as effective and safe as getting the ultimate treatment of Laser Hair Removal in Dubai by an expert in a healthcare facility. Aestheticians are also offering this procedure in informal settings such as beauty salons, spas, and shopping malls, but it is important that you choose a certified healthcare facility where the treatments are performed by or under the direct supervision of an experienced dermatologist.

Free Consultation

If you are looking for a reputed cosmetic clinic for Laser Hair Removal in Dubai, visit Laser Skin Care today and let your dream of a silky smooth skin come true in a real sense. We also offer free online consultations. If you are outside Dubai simply fill the online consultation form for free and our laser expert will contact you in no time to address your queries and concerns.