Laser Skin Tightening

Skin laxity is a common skin problem that is associated with aging. As the age advances, certain factors come into play and cause fine lines and wrinkles along with sagging skin to appear. They have an ill effect on the appearance of the person since the skin looks tired and loose.

One of the best treatments among many others to take care of sagging skin is laser skin tightening. It is highly effective and can completely get rid of the problem without much trouble. To learn what causes sagging skin and how it is corrected with laser treatment, let’s dig in a little deeper in the following lines.

What causes sagging skin?

As a person ages, the skin starts getting saggy due to a number of factors. Damage from the sun, pollution in the environment and dehydration are the main factors behind this problem. All these contribute in stripping the skin from collagen and elastin which are very important structural proteins for the skin and keep it firm and supple.

How does laser skin tightening work?

Laser Skin Tightening Dubai works on a simple principle of helping the skin in getting the levels of collagen and elastin back to normal, this allowing the sin to get a natural uplift. This is done by laser working in the deeper layers of the skin. Laser is set at specific frequencies to bypass the top layers of the skin and help boost the production of these structural proteins by heating up the deeper layers by heating them.

From the very first treatment sessions, improvement in the level of production of these proteins can be seen. After a few sessions, the skin can be seen visibly better as the level continue to go up. Generally four to six sessions are enough to get rid of the problem completely though it can vary in individual cases.

It is painful?

The process is not painful and the maximum pinch that is felt is like that of a light rubber band snapping against the skin. To numb down any sensation of pain, cooling gels are applied to the skin prior to the treatment. Cool air may also be blown during the procedure to help further make the patient comfortable.

Does it rival surgical facelift?

Surgical facelifts have long been the solution to correct the sagging skin. However, laser treatments are the perfect solution in this day and age. They offer the same results as surgical facelifts without the kind of risks associated with the surgical procedure since the treatment is noninvasve. This certainly makes it the perfect replacement and one that you should opt for.

Side effects and downtime

The side effects of the treatment are quite mild and often limited to some redness and swelling along with itching in the treated area. These issues go away within the first two days of the treatment. Photo sensitivity is developed for a few days after the treatment so make sure that you wear a sunscreen and a hat when going out during the day hours. It is best to avoid going out if you can. In some rare cases, bruising in the treatment areas can also take place.

There is no long downtime and the doctor may ask you to rest for a couple of days. Some routine work may need to be stopped for a few days to ensure a quick recovery.

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