Laser stretch mark removal is an advanced way of removing unsightly stretch marks that mostly appear on abdomen, due to overstretching of skin. It is a quite sophisticated technology and the cost and discomfort associated with it has lowered significantly during the last few years. Although not very cheap, lasers still offer a less expensive option for stretch mark removal as compared to plastic surgery and have fewer risks associated with them.

What causes stretch marks?

The basic reason behind appearance of these zebra streaks is the rapid expansion of skin due to any reason – be it pregnancy or abnormal weight gain. Stretch marks, medically known as satire, form when the middle layer of the skin, is stretched beyond its elastic limit. Stretching skin to its limit breaks the connective fibers, which consequently causes internal scarring and also disrupts collagen production.

These marks usually appear as pinkish or purplish threads. They can appear anywhere on the body but they most commonly develop on the belly, thighs, hips, back and upper arms. Stretch marks do not pose any hazard to human health, and a treatment is always sought for cosmetic reasons. If you are also seeking an effective treatment for unsightly zebra streaks then look no further than Laser Stretch Mark Removal.

How it works?

Stretch marks are nothing but scars caused in the inner layers of skin and can be effectively removed with lasers. The procedure uses a concentrated beam of light to target and remove thin layers of skin around the stretch marks. The light used for this purpose is a high energy ultraviolet light that has the ability to disrupt the molecular bonds in the skin tissues and to disintegrate affected skin layers. Once the scarred skin has been removed, it is replaced by fresh skin cells, free of any scarring or marks. Laser treatment also boosts collagen production in the treated areas.

What to expect after the treatment:

Immediately following Laser Stretch Mark Removal, the treated areas will be red and tender. This is because the affected layers of the skin have been removed so that new skin can replace it. This redness and tenderness should subside within a couple of days.


For all those, to whom the word surgery sounds scary, lasers offer the best non-surgical, non-invasive option for stretch mark removal. Besides, it is a quick procedure that does not interfere with your routine activities. It can take anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour, depending on the extent and severity of the marks. You can resume routine activities immediately after undergoing treatment. It is the least painful procedure. The only pain you will experience is a pinching sensation as the laser beam will strike at the surface of your skin.

How many sessions are required?

The number of treatments varies significantly from one person to another depending upon the severity of scarring. Fresh marks are the easiest to treat and have the highest success rate. The older and stubborn scars, usually silver or white in color, can be difficult to remove and may take more treatments for complete removal.

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