Many people find tattoos to be a medium of expression. It is a fairly prevalent form of body art. At times, people tend to change their minds about their tattoos and want to get rid of them. This could be because of changing trends or simply because they no longer feel they need such body art.

In yesteryear, there were barely any options and most of the available options were highly invasive and painful. Generally, all people could do was either endure pain to get rid of them or leave their tattoos as they are. However, with modern cosmetic techniques coming to fore, tattoo removal is an everyday pain-free practice.

Laser tattoo removal (ازالة الوشم) is the best option in this regard in this day and age. We shall look into this procedure and learn more about it.

How does It Work?

The working mechanism of laser tattoo removal is quite simple. A high intensity light beam breaks down the pigment colors of the tattoo. Different colors will need varying wavelengths of the laser to get the desired results. Black color is known to absorb all the wavelengths and therefore the treatment is highly effective on black tattoos.

It generally takes multiple session for the tattoo to be removed. Each tattoo is different and requires a different number of sessions to get fully removed.

Are There Any Dangers with Laser Tattoo Removal?

Many people who are planning on getting their tattoos removed are a bit nervous about the side effects caused by the procedure. The current procedure is a lot safer in comparison with the traditional procedures like dermabrasion, excision and salabrasion.

The main side effect of laser tattoo removal Dubai is scarring.  It is also possible that an infection may develop at the site of the tattoo being removed. Hyper pigmentation or hypopigmentation is also possible. You need to clarify your concerns in regards to the treatments. Ask a dermatologist and do not proceed with the treatment until you are fully satisfied.

The Bottom Line

The usefulness of laser tattoo removal certainly outweighs the minor risks it may possess in certain cases. It is best to discuss your case with a medical professional and go ahead with the treatment. Unless there is some underlying condition that makes it a risky affair, laser tattoo removal Dubai is pretty harmless.

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