Acne Scar Treatment

Acne is one of the most common skin problems around the globe. People affected by it often go through the annoyance of having unwanted pimples and marks on their face and other parts of

the body. For most people, this problem goes away with teenage. However, it can continue to affect many well beyond their teens.

One of the major issues with acne is that it can leave scarring. These scars are quite obvious and have even more ill effects on one’s appearance. To correct acne scarring, there are a number of treatments that are available. However, laser acne treatments are the very best option of all of them as it brings the best results. We shall learn about laser acne scar treatment in the following lines.

How does the laser work?

Laser targets the areas with scars by making microscopic holes in the top layer of the skin. This helps in removing this damaged layer and allows healthier skin to replace it. As the skin gets resurfaced, the appearance of the scars gets lesser. The process also plays in important role jumpstarting the production of elastin and collagen, two critical structural proteins for the skin.

With a few treatment sessions, the skin gets better and better and desired results can be acquired. Even when the treatment is done, the appearance continues to get better because of improving levels of collagen and elastin.

Is there any pain during the process?

Topical anesthetics are applied to the skin to numb down any feeling of pain and discomfort. Some discomfort may be felt but it is very manageable for most people. It is compared to that of snapping a light rubber band against the skin.

What are the side effects?

Side effects are mostly mild and limited to itching on the treated area, some redness and possible swelling. These go away on their own in a day or two. Temporary photosensitivity is also developed and one needs to wear sunscreen when going outdoors during the day hours. In rare cases, bruising in treated area can also be seen.

Is there any downtime?

There is no downtime associated with this treatment option for acne scar. However, it is recommended that the person takes some rest afterwards to allow quicker healing. Certain routine matters such as application of makeup and exercise may be restricted for a few days.


How effective is the laser treatment for acne scars?

It is the most effective noninvasive treatment option for acne scars removal. It brings the finest results. The appearance of the scars cannot be completely removed but is becomes almost invisible. Not even surgery can be completely remove the appearance of the scars. Laser scar removal does not possess the same level of side effects as the surgery though the results it offers are on par.

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