There are a number of skin conditions that can show up at various stages of life and leave an ill effect on the appearance. While many of them do not have a direct effect on the health or have any physical symptoms, people want to get rid of them because they do not look good.

Stretch marks appear on the skin in purplish and silverfish tinge in certain conditions. Even though with time, their appearance dulls down, they continue to be visible. In the following lines, we shall learn about the causes of stretch marks and how to remove stretch marks.


Causes of stretch marks

Stretch marks are caused by breakage in the dermis due to overstretching of the area. These generally take place during pregnancy or with sudden weight gain. Hormonal imbalance also played a part and often aides the other factors in causing these marks.


Laser treatment for stretch marks

Much like many other skin related conditions, laser treatments can do wonders in getting rid of stretch marks as well. There are other options as well such as chemical peels but they only work in mild cases. Laser treatment currently is the most preferred option and works wonders.


Mechanism of work

It works by taking a two pronged approach. First it removes the damaged layer of the skin to allow healthier skin to replace it. On the other hand, it increases the production of elastin and collagen which are both critical for healthy skin.

The new skin generally comes up on top within a few days completely though this can vary in individuals. As the levels of both collagen and elastin boost in the skin, further good results are had.


Are results instant?

No, the results are not instant and take some time. With each laser treatment session, the appearance of stretch marks gets lesser and lesser. Within a few treatments, the stretch marks are gone.


Is it painful?

The procedure is not painful. Topical anesthetics may be applied for the purpose numbing down any feeling of discomfort. The most sensation a person may feel is similar to snapping of a light rubber band against the skin.


Downtime and side effects

The side effects from the procedure are minimal. These are mostly limited to itching and redness as well as swelling of the treated area. These generally go away within a couple of days of the treatment.

There is no downtime associated with the laser treatment and you can carry out your regular routine. If you can, resting is never a bad idea to allow quicker healing.

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