As you age your skin loses its elasticity and begins to sag, this is because of the reduced levels of collagen and elastin in the body – the two naturally occurring proteins responsible for keeping skin taut and supple. Aging is not the only reason behind loose and sagging skin; excessive weight loss can also have similar effects on your skin, particularly in the upper arm area.

Earlier, the only solution for saggy skin was surgical removal of excess skin. But luckily today we have several non-invasive procedures available to address loose arm skin, with Laser Skin Tightening being at the top. Lasers not only make loose skin tight and firm but also smooth out body contours. It is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that utilizes high intensity laser beams to stimulate natural collagen production in a bid to improve the appearance of treated areas.

Laser beams penetrate into the skin to heat up the underlying connective tissues. The thermal energy transferred by the laser beams tightens and firms the loose skin by contracting and thickening collagen and elastin – two fibrous proteins in your skin responsible for its structure and appearance.

There are various FDA-approved laser systems used for shrinking loose skin. The most commonly used laser types include Titan, Polaris and Thermage. Cosmetic plastic surgeons are also using lasers in liposuction. However, the laser-guided liposuction is not a non-invasive procedure like laser skin tightening and requires a small incision.

Laser treatment for loose arm skin is a virtually painless procedure that does not involve any serious side effects or complications. Common side effects of laser skin tightening include redness and swelling on the treated areas, that subside within a few hours or at most a couple of days. Like any other laser procedure, tightening loose arm skin also involves discomfort similar to mild snapping of a rubber band on the skin, say individuals who have undergone this procedure.

It is pertinent to mention here that laser treatments are safe only when performed by board-certified, trained dermatologists or laser experts. Getting the procedure done by an inexperienced doctor or a nurse practitioner could cause potential side effects, like burns, permanent skin discoloration and tissue damage.

The full effects of laser skin tightening do not appear overnight. Your clinician will ask you to wait for a few weeks before you will be able to see any improvement in the sagginess, and it will take several months before you will be able to see the full visible effect.

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