Aging is an inevitable process and sooner or later we all face it. One of obvious signs of aging is wrinkling. No matter how much you hide your birthday, as soon as fine lines start appearing on your face, your age becomes an open secret. Probably this is the reason that the most age conscious creature on the planet earth – the mighty women go to great lengths to banish wrinkles or at least hide them.

In the past hiding your age after 40 or 45 was nearly impossible, but nowadays you can look youthful and robust even in your 60s – courtesy advancements in technology. Today we have numerous anti-aging treatments available to help people keep wrinkles at bay for as long as they wish. Some of the commonly used skin rejuvenation treatments for wrinkles and sagging skin include:

Chemical Peels:

Fine lines and mild facial wrinkles can be effectively eliminated using chemical peels, a technique that refers to applying an acidic solution to the targeted areas in a bid to gently peel of top, damaged layers of skin. This helps reveal fresh, smooth and younger-looking skin underneath. Chemical peeling also triggers natural collagen production of the body, thus improving the skin texture as well, making it more soft and supple.


Microdermabrasion works just like chemical peeling, but the difference between the two is that unlike the latter, Microdermabrasion uses tiny aluminum oxide crystals to buff away outermost, damaged skin layer.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser Skin Resurfacing, as is obvious from the name, uses high intensity laser beams to tighten the inner layers of skin and tissues and stimulate collagen production to eliminate the wrinkles and enhance elasticity of skin.


Dermapen is the latest micro-needling technology that uses multiple needles of varying lengths to pierce the skin to a controlled depth. This helps to skin to re-grow and repair using self repair process. It also accelerates the body’s natural collagen production, thus helping to lift and tighten saggy, wrinkled skin.

Botox injections

All of the above mentioned cosmetic procedures need multiple sessions to give desired results, but once achieved, the results are lasting. If you are seeking an instant fix for facial wrinkles and are not bothered by the longevity of the outcome, Botox Injections may be worth considering.

If you are also battling facial wrinkles, try either of the above mentioned skin rejuvenation procedures and say good bye to the irksome fine lines and wrinkles. Laser Skin Care offers all of these anti-aging treatments. If you are in Dubai or somewhere around, visit us today and commit yourself to looking young forever. You can also make free online consultations by filling out consultation forms available here.