From fashion shows to fashion magazines to your social circle, thin bodies are everywhere. You see toned up bodies everywhere around and you also wish to conform to the trend. Regardless of gender, age, and ethnicity, people want to get rid of extra fat by any means. The first thing that comes in mind when anybody thinks of losing weight is a workout. No doubt, exercise and fitness programs can be great options to get a toned body, but only if you are not in a hurry or your target area is not face, neck or breasts. But what if you do not have much time or you wish to get rid of localized fat deposits! This is where cosmetic procedures like Laser Liposuction come into the picture.

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries that are performed around the world. It has become an ideal treatment for people who do not lose fat accumulations in their bodies despite dieting and exercise.  Such fat tissues often accumulate to form love handles and fat buildups in the abdomen, thighs, arms, and other parts of the body. In laser, liposuction surgeons dissolve this fat and then remove this liquefied fat.

There are numerous variations available for Liposuction, courtesy advancements in technology. It involves surgical procedures to take out localized fat deposits. Laser Liposuction and Vaser Liposuction that use Laser light and Ultrasound waves respectively for fat melting. The melted fat is then either sucked out of the body or left for the body’s immune system to excrete it out. Tumescent liposuction is another commonly used liposuction technique. It uses local anesthesia and dissolves fat with the help of an anesthetic solution. The liquefied fat is removed through the cannula. There are several non-surgical liposuction techniques as well.

Laser and Vaser liposuction are comparatively newer trends in cosmetic surgery. It is believed that laser liposuction results in less bleeding, bruising and discomfort. Quick recovery with minimum downtime is another feature that is attributed to this method.

Laser Liposuction in Dubai is equally popular in men and women. While men mostly come to get rid of love handles and abdominal fat, breasts, arms, and thighs are among the most frequently treated areas in women. Laser Liposuction is deemed to be the safest and effective treatment option for fat removal.

Lipolysis in Dubai is another fat removal treatment that melts fat cells with the help of a drug solution. But it is only effective for small, localized fat deposits, such as the double chin or moderately built love handles.

Liposuction is an ideal treatment for individuals who cannot wait for much to see their contoured silhouette. However, you must have realistic expectations for your treatment. While it definitely takes away your extra fat, it is not a solution for extra skin or stretch marks. Such issues need to be addressed with other treatments like tummy tuck etc.

Liposuction makes you aesthetically appealing and so it is necessary to choose an experienced and qualified cosmetic surgeon who has a good aesthetic sense. We have a team of liposuction experts who can give you your dream contour. Feel free to call us or pay us a visit to get Liposuction in Dubai. For more information, fill the FREE ONLINE CONSULTATION form below.