Wrinkling is one of the obvious signs of aging. Though aging is an inevitable process that can’t be stopped, there are ways to delay this very natural process for a few more years. The most important thing that you need to do to delay skin-aging is to follow a comprehensive skincare regimen.

If you want to have a smooth and clear skin free of wrinkles even in your late 50s then wear sunscreen regularly before going out in sun, drink plenty of water, take proper sleep and avoid certain types of repeated facial movements, such as frowning, scowling and squinting. Smoking and drinking also accelerate the biochemical processes responsible for wrinkling of skin, so if you want to have a forever young-looking skin then cut down your tobacco and alcohol consumption.

However, if you have already developed these irksome lines around the face then don’t worry; aesthetic medicine has discovered a wonderful Anti aging treatment in dubai  for you – The Stem Cell Facelift. Stem cell technology involves injecting chemical cocktail containing stem cells, fat from your own body and the growth factors into the skin to accelerate healing process and regeneration of skin cells. The stem cells injected into the skin also help speed up the natural collagen and elastin production, the two naturally occurring fibrous proteins responsible for keeping skin smooth, supple and firm.

Your dermatologist will first take some subcutaneous fat from your lower abdomen or thighs. Then using a special blotting technique oil and blood products will be separated from the stem cells. These stem cells are then mixed with fat and growth factors before transplanting into the face, using a hair-thin needle. The stem cell mixture is injected into the skin in three layers – at the level of the bone, in the mid face and just under the skin surface. It is the third and final layer of the stem cells that helps regeneration of aging skin cells, while the inner layers help tighten facial muscles and stimulate collagen production.

Results of the treatment generally start to appear within 4 to 6 weeks after first getting the injections and last for 4 to 6 months. After that you will reinjection to retain the youthful appearance.

Laser Skin Care also offers Stem Cell Facelift for aging skin. For further details visit our clinic today or contact us through our free online consultation form.