Mesotherapy - Technique, Cost, Benefits, Side Effects

First introduced by French doctor Michel Pistor, mesotherapy has become a popular fat removal and body contouring treatment. It is often recommended by dermatologists to cure skin conditions such as cellulite. It is also used for the body contouring and skin rejuvenation. If you want to take mesotherapy in Abu Dhabi, read this article first.

What is Mesotherapy?  

We have many ways to even out and rejuvenate the skin. Mesotherapy is one of the famous ones. It can cure a variety of skin conditions. Dermatologists use it to solve the cellulite issue, rejuvenate the skin, and contour the body. The procedure is simple. It is performed by injecting medication into the skin. The injections target the subcutaneous fat.

The main purpose of the mesotherapy injections is to melt down the fat deposits in the skin. Do not worry if you dislike mesotherapy treatment. You can also consider Ultherapy in Dubai for the same results. Taking the Ultherapy in Sharjah will also be a good idea because it costs less there.

What are the Benefits?  

There are plenty of benefits of the mesotherapy procedure. You can get benefited by taking this unique skin resurfacing technique. Some of the important benefits are mentioned below;

  • The recovery phase is short and quick.
  • The patient will get long-lasting and instant results.
  • No need to spend much time; it is a short treatment.
  • Mesotherapy is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment.
  • No long-term complications and side effects exist in mesotherapy.
  • No chance of scarring as there is no cutting and stitching involved.

What are the Side Effects?  

Like all other cosmetic procedures, there are some side effects. But you need not worry about the risks and side effects as they are of a minor nature. The good news is; there are no major side effects and risks involved in it. The minor side effects are enlisted below;

  • Just Mild pain and burning sensation.
  • Insignificant swelling and bruising.
  • Miscellaneous minor Side Effects.

What’s the Cost of Mesotherapy?

The cost of mesotherapy treatment varies from person to person. It can solve a variety of issues, and the cost is determined as per the issue facing the skin. If you are in the UAE, the ultherapy in Abu Dhabi would be a good idea for the skin rejuvenation. To know the exact cost of the treatment, please call us or fill the form now and win a free online consultation.