I had undergone laser skin resurfacing in Dubai from Dubai Laser Clinic last year and I am glad that I made that choice. Even after an entire year, I am satisfied with the results. I choose to undergo Laser skin resurfacing in Dubai in the first place due to my extremely dry skin, wrinkles around my mouth and eyes. I was only thirty and yet people assumed me to be 37-38 year old. It was devastating for me. I also suffered from blotchiness and was looking for a cure that would target all my skin worries in one go. I wanted to reverse the damage I had done to my skin. My goal was to at least look my age, looking younger would be even better. I’ll let you guys into my experience.


At Dubai Laser Clinic, Laser Skin Resurfacing is performed under local anesthesia so you are awake during the process but you do not feel even the slightest of the pain. The entire procedure is completed in less than an hour. I got a total of two sessions because my dermatologist decides that it was all I needed. I got my two sessions done in two weeks with follow up appointments which lasted for a week to ensure my skin was healing properly.

My recovery period

My recovery period of laser skin resurfacing in Dubai was quick and uneventful. I was able to continue with my work, the very next day after the laser skin resurfacing treatment in Dubai. However, I was applying all the topical medications suggested by my doctor religiously. To alleviate swelling, I used cold compressions. The redness and swelling completely subsided after three days. I ensured that I was wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF 60 every day and was drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water to stimulate my natural healing process.


The results I got from laser skin resurfacing in Dubai proved to me that I had made a great choice. The procedure erased all my skin issues ranging from fine lines, wrinkles, dull skin and discoloration as well. I was pleasantly surprised by how soft and plump it made my skin look. Many of my close family and friends said that the dermatologists have shaved years off of my face. It made me look years younger than my actual age. Many people assumed that I was in my early twenties. It made me super me beyond happy with the laser skin resurfacing treatment in Dubai. Even after an entire year, my skin looks the same and till this day, I feel extremely happy when I look into the mirror. I would recommend everyone to undergo the laser skin resurfacing treatment in Dubai.