One of the most noted aspects of a person’s appearance is the skin. A good looking skin not only helps a person in looking beautiful but also is an indication of a healthy person. It at the same times add a lot to the confidence which is not a bad thing.

At times, however, there are certain issues with the skin that can affect it in an adverse manner. One of the most common problems around the globe is dark spots. As the name implies, they are dark patches on the skin. We shall look into the phenomenon in a bit more detail.

What causes dark spots?

There are a number of factors that can cause dark spots on the skin. The main factors include hormonal misbalance, certain skin disorders, too much exposure to sun, acne scars and liver damage. Most of these are not very serious issues and can be corrected with a number of treatments that are available.

What are the remedies?

There are a number of options that are available in order to treat dark spots. Before turning to the more modern techniques, it is best that the natural skin whitening treatments are brought to use.  Some of the most effective natural treatments are mentioned below.

Aloe Vera

The pulp inside the tough skin of aloe vera is extremely useful for the skin in general and for the dark spots in particular. Massaging the pulp on the dark spots a couple of times a day is a good way of getting rid of the dark spots.

Green Tea Extracts

Applying these helps the skin in getting rid of free radicals and also aids in production of healthy collagen.


It is one of the most common products in anyone’s pantry. Putting some milk on a cotton ball and dabbing it on the dark spots is one of the best natural ways to get rid of them. Leave the milk in place for a few minutes and then wash it away. Applying milk a couple of times a day for a few weeks can help in complete removal of the dark spots.

Castor Oil

Apply a small quantity of castor oil on the areas of the skin with dark spots in a circular motion twice a day. It works pretty well in most cases.

If the natural remedies are not getting the results that you desire, it is best to see a doctor who can help you correct the problem. Seeking skin whitening Dubai residents can come visit Laser Skin Care Dubai to discuss their skin related matters. We offer a number of treatments including chemical peels, microdermabrasion and various topical treatments.You can also get a free online consultation with our experts bysimply filling in the form given below.