Nd Yag Laser for Hair Removal on Skin Type IV

Laser devices assist with many skin treatments, including the removal of unwanted hair from the body. One of the most famous laser devices in this regard is the Nd Yag Laser machine.

Unwanted hairs are a cause of concern for a majority of people. Therefore, they look to get rid of those hairs for the long term. Fortunately, a laser beam at a specific wavelength helps remove hairs for a longer-term.

Generally, a long-pulsed laser beam can promote better hair removal. The good news is ND: Yag laser machine utilizes a long-pulsed beam to achieve most hair removal goals.

This article briefly describes hair removal with ND: Yag laser.

Suitable Skin Type for ND: Yag Laser Hair Removal

Different people have different skin types, and each skin type responds differently to a laser hair removal procedure. Therefore, it is crucial to determine the skin type before taking laser treatment. Generally, you are a good candidate for hair removal through ND: Yag laser if you have a light brown skin: skin type IV. This skin type usually has dark-colored hairs, which absorb heat and light from long-pulsed ND: Yag Laser. A study even suggests the efficacy of ND: Yag Laser hair removal for all skin types.

How does ND: Yag Laser Hair Removal Work?

A laser hair removal procedure essentially heats the hair follicles, causing hair roots to die out. Hair pigmentation plays a key role here since every pigment reacts differently to a laser beam. Therefore, it is pertinent to ask your doctor about the most suitable laser hair removal treatment in your case.

Generally, ND: Yag laser removes dark-colored hair more effectively. Also, you may need to undergo several laser treatments to achieve desired hair removal results. Each hair has a growth cycle of six weeks. These growth cycles are not simultaneous across all hair strands. In simple words, not all hair strands grow and run their due course at the same time. Therefore, undergoing multiple laser hair removal sessions helps target most hairs regardless of their growth statuses.

Typically, your dermatologist will schedule multiple follow-up treatment sessions, each one 4-6 weeks apart. Moreover, the average number of sessions required for complete hair removal through ND: Yag Laser is 8-12.

Does Laser Hair Removal with ND: Yag Hurt?

Due to the heat production resulting from the laser beam absorption into the skin and hair follicles, ND: Yag laser may be a bit painful. However, this pain is quite manageable, thanks to the availability of the latest equipment and some established pain mitigating measures.

Typically, the treatment-related pain after the ND: Yag laser procedure decreases with every follow-up session. This pain reduction is mainly due to the number of strands reducing with every follow-up treatment. Additionally, the strands become finer and thinner with every treatment session.

Measures for pain relief

Pain after ND Yag laser hair removal is manageable, but consistently having it can be a bothersome experience. Therefore, you may need to follow some post-procedure pain mitigating measures at least until the impact of treatment wards off. Generally, it is ideal to stay at home for at least 24 hours after the treatment. You can also ask your doctor about effective pain medications or ointments.

The End Result 

In the end, we can conclude that the Nd Yag Laser Hair Removal is suitable for Skin Type IV. The treatment can help you get rid of unwanted hair in a few sessions. But, you have to qualify for this treatment beforehand. So, be sure to discuss Nd Yag Laser Hair Removal with a skilled dermatologist.

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