In an ideal society people would be judged by their personalities and not by their appearances. However, unfortunately we are living in a society where looks matter more than inner qualities. We live in a culture where fair complexion is cherished and celebrated. As a result people with even wheatish complexion often start feeling self-conscious and dissatisfied about their looks. To add to worries sometimes they also start developing brown spots and patches on their faces due to various reasons.

Brown spots, commonly known as pigmentation or skin discoloration, are primarily associated with sun exposure, however, there are several other factors as well contributing to skin discoloration including hormonal changes, pregnancy, aging, consumption of oral contraceptives and heredity. Whatever the reason may be behind the appearance of these brown patches on the face, they never look aesthetically good. Luckily, there are numerous pigmentation treatments (تصبغات الوجه) available to help you regain smooth and clear skin free of dark spots.

The most effective treatment used for banishing freckles and blemishes is Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL). The treatment uses pulsating beams of light that penetrate into the skin to cause damage to the specific targeted areas. Melanin accumulated underneath epidermis absorbs the laser light and heats up. This causes concentrated pigment to disperse over time. It is also a non-ablative skin resurfacing technique i.e. the rays of light penetrate into the deeper layers without damaging the top most layer of skin.

Like all other skin resurfacing techniques multiple sessions of IPL will be required for optimal results. Generally 4 to 5 sessions are required for best results, however there is not set rule. No of sessions required vary from person to person depending on the area that needs treating and the depth of pigmentation.

Mild to moderate skin pigmentation can be effectively treated with Chemical Peeling and Microdermabrasion. Laser Skin Care offers all the three pigmentation treatments (تصبغات الوجه ). If you are interested make free online consultation now and discuss your case with one of our highly skilled board-certified dermatologists.