Oxygen facial in Dubai

In this day and age, maintaining a healthy skin is no mean feat. With all the pollution in the environment and extremities of the weather, the skin gets badly affected. A serious effort is needed to ensure that one’s skin remains healthy and reflect well on a person’s overall persona.

A number of treatments are available for the purpose of keeping the skin healthy. One of the names on this list is that of Oxygen facial in Dubai are an excellent choice. In recent years, their demand has been on the rise and it seems to have struck a chord with the people around the globe. It has a lot to do with the good results it is offering. In the following lines, we shall learn more about the oxygen facial as well as the many advantages it offers.

How does it work?

The procedure is fairly simple. At first, the skin is exfoliated. Up next, pure oxygen with a combination of a serum that includes, vitamins, collagen and minerals is introduced to the skin. This allows the skin to improve its health without any side effects or pain in the process. To achieve the desired outcome, generally four to six treatments are needed. A gap of a week is usually enough between two oxygen facials though check with your doctor prior to getting multiple facials.

What are its advantages?

There are plenty of advantages that are associated with oxygen facial treatment. These advantages include tightening of pores, heals the skin and improves the flow of blood and it is extremely effective for acne.

It is also very effective in treating fine lines and wrinkles along with improving the texture of the skin. Discoloration of the skin can also be corrected with the help of an oxygen facial. Spots and patches caused by hyperpigmentation are also corrected by the oxygen facials.

Side effects and downtime

There is no downtime with the treatment and generally there are no side effects. However, it is important to see a doctor prior to getting the treatment. People with sensitive skin should avoid it. Doing it more than required too can play havoc with the skin and can cause the free radicals to be released which have extremely ill effects on the skin.

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