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Removal of unwanted hair permanently by using the laser energy is known as Laser Hair removal Dubai. It is a common practice that is being adopted by half of the world and is gaining popularity. The central idea of treatment is to get rid of excessive hair for the longer period of time so that patient can live easily and comfortably.

Unwanted hair

Unwanted hair differs from gender and personal choices, but the problem with unwanted hair regardless of their placement is that they grow back and they keep on growing no matter what product is used, no matter what treatment is applied to the area. Back in the days, several harsh treatments were used to treat the unwanted hair that caused severe pain and problems in the skin but thanks to technological advancements you can get rid of unwanted hair permanently without any problem or side effects. Laser hair removal in Dubai is a relatively new technique that allows removal of excessive hair without causing any problem or any side effects. The treatment works in the following way:

Laser hair removal

You can get rid of excessive hair without causing any harm to surrounding areas with the help of laser hair removal Dubai technique. The treatment was first used in mid 1990’s and the first article published for the laser hair removal Dubai was in 1998, since then, it has been one of the best non-surgical non-invasive treatments available to remove excessive hair as it doesn’t harm the surrounding surface of the body and it can be applied anywhere in the body. After treatment, Laser allows the body to be healed quickly, and better skin can be expected from the treatment.

The treatment works in the following way:

  • Skin Specialist examines the body to determine the best frequency for laser hair removal Dubai
  • Laser machine is set to required frequency for hair removal
  • General Aesthetics are applied on sensitive skin to avoid pain during procedure
  • The machine is applied along with cooling machine (for a long procedure) to penetrate the skin layer and to neutralize the hair cells permanently.

Post Treatment Care

The treated area stays itchy and swollen for several hours and should not be scratched. Laser Hair Removal Dubai is noninvasive in nature and allows the patient to go home right after the treatment but there are several other care measures that should be taken to avoid the side effects in the long run. For example, after the laser hair removal Dubai treatment, you must avoid sun exposure at all costs. You must avoid drugs, smoking, and alcohol and should adopt a proper diet plan to help increase collagen production of the body.

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Some hair cells are deep whereas others are not so for deep hair, you will require multiple sessions of laser hair removal Dubai treatment. The results of the treatment are natural and permanent in nature. you will be able to carry out your daily routine after the treatment but treated area should be kept away from sun exposure and makeup for first forty-eight hours with care.

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