Perfect treatments for acne scars

Acne is probably the most common skin ailments in the world as more than 80 percent of the people suffer from it at some point in life. Puberty is the period when it affects most people as the hormonal levels are unstable. Usually the acne comes to an end once the adolescent phase passes by.

However, for some people, acne trouble can continue to be present even after teenage years well into their twenties. Such acne must be treated and countered otherwise it can result in acne scars. Acne scars are pretty unsightly and are permanent in nature and need to be removed.

In order to get rid of acne scars, there are a number of acne scars treatments in Dubai. Most people prefer noninvasive and minimally invasive treatments that have minimum downtime and maximum effect. We shall take a brief look at them and better understand how they can treat this problem.

Laser Acne Scar Treatment

Laser Acne Scars treatment is perhaps the most effective of all available options. It provides results that are on par with surgical scar removal. The laser works by resurfacing the skin in order to allow healthier skin to replace it. At the same time, it boosts the collagen and elastin levels in the skin to make it firmer and naturally elastic.

The scars can be fully removed within a few treatment sessions. Side effects are minimal and usually there is no downtime after the treatment. There is very little pain during treatment which can be countered by applying topical anesthetics prior to the treatment.

Chemical Peels for Acne Scars

Chemical peels can be used for mild acne scars as it is not effective for deep ones. The peels are applied to the affected area where it resurfaces the skin. It also boosts the collagen production which helps in making the skin suppler.

Mostly, peels need to be applied multiple times for best results. Side effects vary with their strength and for the most part, there is no downtime. The peels are usually applied after the administration of local or topical anesthesia. While applying them yourselves may sound like a great idea, its best to leave it to the professionals since a wrong application can leave the skin burnt.

Microdermabrasion for Acne Scars

This is a minimally invasive treatment that removes the scars by exfoliating the skin in the damaged area. For this purpose, a handheld device sprays tiny crystals and injures the affected area. The skin crusts away and skin with lesser appearance of scars replaces it. The process also lifts the collagen levels in the skin to further help.

The treatment is free from any downtime and has very little side effects. It is performed after the application of topical anesthesia to keep the sensations of discomfort at bay.A handful of sessions are needed to achieve the desired outcome.

Dermal Fillers

Fillers are not a permanent solution and provide with temporary reprieve. They work by raising the appearance of the skin in the scarred area. Mostly consisting of collagen and natural fat, the dermal fillers are injected into the site of the scar. They take a few days to take full effect and provide a natural appearance to the scarred area.

The effects can last from a few months to up to a couple of years based on the fillers. The side effects are usually mild in nature and treatment does not have any downtime. Unless a medical conditions prevents from it, fillers can be repeated any number of times.

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