Do you want to get rid of brown patches on your skin, especially on your face, on and around the nose? There are a number of natural remedies as well as cosmetic procedures to help improve the appearance of these dark spots and patches. The most effective and the most popular treatment for these unsightly age spots is laser treatment for pigmentation.

These brown spots develop as a result of extra melanin in the body. Your skin contains thousands of melanocyte cells that produce a chemical called melanin, which gives skin its color. Excessive production of melanin in the skin leads to hyper-pigmentation, which appears on your skin as freckles and age spots. A number of factors can trigger hyper-pigmentation problem, but the most common causes of it are excessive sun exposure and aging. Sometimes pigmentation can be a side effect of certain drugs or due to deficiency of iron (anemia).

While pigmentation treatment is not a serious medical condition, people mostly seek treatment for cosmetic reasons. There are a number of over the counter medications as well as cosmetic procedures to help you get rid of these nasty brown patches, but the most effective and the most demanded among them all is laser treatment for pigmentation.

Lasers comprise the safest way to treat pigmentation (تصبغات الوجه) on skin and gives quick results as well. A high intensity laser beam of a specific wavelength is made incident on brown spots, where it works by removing the damaged layer of skin. A new smoother and clearer layer of skin grows in its place leaving the treated area free of blemishes and age spots. The dark pigment in the skin also absorbs heat from the light beam and breaks down. Besides disrupting the pigment and removing the top damaged layer of skin, laser also stimulates collagen production.

Mild to moderate pigmentation can be effectively treated with topical creams, both over the counter as well as prescription. These creams work by blocking the excessive production of melanin by the melanocyte cells. These creams also contain a skin lightening chemical called hydroquinone, which helps improve the appearance of freckles that have already developed. Some creams also contain mild acids and steroids that gradually slough away the pigmented layer of skin, leaving behind lighter skin. Since some of these creams can be quite harsh, they require doctor’s prescription.

Chemical peels (تصبغات الوجه) and Microdermabrasion have also been found quite effective in treating pigmentation, but these procedures are a little harsh and cause some discomfort during and after the treatment.

No matter what cosmetic procedure you ultimately choose, it is always good to try some all natural home remedies. Aloe Vera gel, lemon and potato juice, honey, milk and almond paste are some really effective masks for skin pigmentation. Try them before seeing a dermatologist, but only if you have mild to moderate freckles or blemishes. If they do not work well for you, see a dermatologist at the earliest. Do not wait for months to see a doctor, as this may aggravate the problem.