skin treatments for the Festive Season

Since the festive season is upon us once again, at Laser Skin Care, we plan on keeping our tradition of recommending the best skin quick fixes that will make sure you glow more than Christmas lights in the malls.

Anisa Vrabac, the Operations Manager and Resident Aesthetics Advisor at Laser Skin Care takes us through five of the most wanted beauty quick fixes at the clinic, which will add to the glow of the festivities, as well as last through the New Year.


Microdermabrasion in Dubai, which we have covered before, is your wow-effect go to treatment. It is non-invasive and leaves your skin looking fresh and radiant. Special crystals are used to peel the top most layer of your skin which has been negatively affected by sun exposure as well as other lifestyle choices you might have made. This treatment does not have any downtime. It leaves the skin glowing hence making it perfect for this party season.

Fractional Laser therapy

Fractional laser therapy works by emitting laser pulses which penetrate the skin triggering skin renewal and collagen formation. Results can be visible after the first session, although 2-3 sessions might be required, which you can pursue after the holidays. Downtime is 3 to 5 days. Fractional Laser therapy is used to drastically reduce wrinkles, treat post-acne scars, skin tightening, cellulite, skin resurfacing, and stretch marks treatment amongst others.

Laser Hair Removal

This is an oldie but a goodie. Laser hair removal will always be highly regarded because you can never go wrong regardless where. This treatment is your start to permanent hair reduction from your body that is if you have hair growing in places you rather it wouldn’t. Laser hair removal is considered a women’s forte, but men also fancy having a silky smooth skin as well. Depending on where you want the hair removed, you can spend as little as 10 minutes only for the treatment. Just to note, the treatment does not have any downtime or scarring. You just come in for a few minutes then go back to running your errands.

Chemical Skin Peels

Chemical skin peeling is a skin resurfacing procedure, one of the many, which peels off old and blemished top skin layer, so that new, healthier and more radiant skin can develop in its place. During this treatment, chemicals like hyaluronic acid of varying strengths are used, depending on what skin issue you are facing and you would like to correct. Chemical peels are applied on areas such as the hands, face, neck or feet and they are used to correct sun-damage, wrinkles, blemishes, acne scars and superficial facial scars among others. If you get this treatment done at the beginning of December, you will have your radiant look within 5 – 7 days.


Mesotherapy, which is considered relatively painless, is a non-surgical lunch-hour skin treatment that involves the use of microinjections on your skin. These microinjections, when used on areas that have excess fatty deposits, dissolve these deposits as well as other hardened tissues in that area. This improves the flow of blood, which as a result rejuvenates the skin. The dissolved localized fat then exits the body via lymphatic drainage. Mesotherapy works best when treating cellulite, skin resurfacing and rejuvenation, body contouring and to replenish thinning hair. Redness will be visible for at least 24 hours after the treatment, while 3 days later you can begin enjoying a well rejuvenated skin.