Radio Frequency Facial Treatment

Loose skin can be very frustrating to deal with and it can badly affect your confidence and self-esteem. Many things can lead to loose skin such as weight loss, pregnancy, and natural response to aging skin.   

The radiofrequency treatment uses electric-based heat energy to stimulate collagen for non-surgical tightening of sagging or loose skin. Pure radio frequency energy generated by the Pelleve, Thermage, and Accent devices is mainly used for the tightening of facial skin. 

There are many ways through which you can fall prey to loose skin and once you have it, it can be very difficult to get rid of. Don’t be too disappointed just yet as this new and improved radiofrequency treatment is here to help tighten your skin. Let’s see how it’s done 

How is Radio Frequency Facial Treatment done?

Like other modern skin treatment technologies, Radio Frequency treatment also produces heat to treat loose skin. Specific devices are used to heat the deeper layer of skin to produce more collagen, elastin, and to boost the production of new skin cells. 

The radio frequency facial treatment is much safer than laser treatment as it operates at a much lower frequency as compared to intense light waves that are used in laser treatment. With RF you don’t face the risk of permanent discoloration which is very high in laser treatment. 

Radio Frequency Treatment is Safe? 

Talking of this non-surgical RF treatment as compared to other treatments that are being used to achieve similar results, this treatment is much safer. However, the effectiveness and safety of this procedure also depend on the skill of the person performing it. 

This treatment is non-invasive and comparatively gentle, but the only two risks that can be associated with RF procedure are burns from heating and getting overexposed to radio waves without any proper protection. Don’t worry too much about these two side effects as you cannot get exposed to excess radio waves in just 5-6 sittings nor you are going to get burnt if your dermatologist is good enough. 

Radio Frequency Treatment Procedure 

 During the radio frequency procedure, a PellevThermag, or Accent device heats your skin to about 40-45 degrees which is then slowly moved on top of your facial skin. The device is moved in such a manner so that the radio frequency waves can effectively reach the inner layers of skin, repairing loose skin.  This procedure is usually done to treat loose skin on the forehead, cheeks, jaw-line, neck, and under the eyes. 

The average time taken by radiofrequency treatment is around 20-45 minutes and it has very little downtime. 

Results and Consequences 

This is not a miraculous treatment as it is a slow and steady procedure that takes time to show proper results. The good thing about this particular treatment is that it’s completely painless and has no considerable downtime. It does not allow any surface irregularities and is suitable for most people. 

The depth of heating with the help of radio waves makes your skin firm from the inside and tightens any loose skin on the topmost skin layer. This procedure also lifts your skin and does the reinvigoration to make your skin glow. 

Final Verdict 

The radio frequency facial treatment has been around since the early 2000s. But it has recently gained popularity due to improved techniques as well as good celebrity experience. It is wise to say that RF treatment is much safer and less time consuming as compared to other clinical procedures. If you are experiencing loose facial skin that is making you look older than you are, then what are you waiting for? Book an appointment right now with our board-certified dermatologist here at Laser Skin Care and book a free appointment to clarify any doubt you have about this wondrous treatment.