Brown spots are the worst cosmetic condition that is faced by the patients after acne. They are not only hard to treat but they cause deformation in personality and cause confidence issues. Blotchy brown spots develop on the skin for many reasons. Sun exposure over time, sure medications (such as estrogen and different hormones), and genetic science alone–all contribute to the brown spots and sun spots. Generally, a brown spot may be a focal space of either a better range of pigment cells or associate degree enlarged range of melanin settled at intervals the epidermal cell.

Some excessive pigment resides in your high layer of skin, or cuticle and some of the pigmentation is deeper, located inside the derma. The excessive pigmentation causes the brown spots and the treatment differs from layer to layer.


How to Reduce Brown Spots on face

Lasers and Intense periodic lightweight devices take away brown spots and patches on the skin by selection targeting the animal pigment and epidermal cell, going the opposite cells within the skin untouched. This distinctive feature is why these procedures are the safest and simplest treatment selection for removing brown sun injury spots on the skin.


Laser Treatment for Brown Spots

Lasers are a medical device that have modified and dramatically advanced the manner we have a tendency to treat skin problems. The definition of an optical device will assist you higher perceive why your optical device procedure is therefore safe and effective. Lasers are distinctive lightweight emitting devices that offer off one terribly specific wavelength of light-targeted to eliminate one issue or drawback. Sure lasers are designed to merely take away brown spots; these devices slice the surplus animal pigment inflicting the discolorations.

The treatment may be a fast office-based procedure and needs no anesthesia. Typically 1-2 sessions offer the simplest results.


(IPL) Based Rejuvenation

IPL is associate degree abbreviation for “Intense periodic Light”.  The IPL device was created to treat combos of skin problems, versus lasers treat only one skin target. The definition of associate degree IPL will assist you higher perceive why the IPL will best treat your combination of skin considerations.

IPL before and after The goal of a series of IPL treatments is to form your skin additional equally colored, by decreasing the irregular chromatic and cerise areas that you simply have developed as a results of aging and sun injury. Additionally, IPL brightens the skin and offers it a younger glow.


How it works

An IPL machine works by delivering a broad vary of colors of sunshine at a similar time, to treat multiple skin conditions occurring in larger areas. Filters are then wont to by selection deliver lightweight in numerous wavelengths. {Different totally different completely different} wavelengths of sunshine are delivered to different layers (and depths) of the skin. The wand is moved over the complete treatment website, and therefore lightens the sun injury across the entire space, not simply targeting IPL before and after focal sunspots. During this manner, IPL treatments will effectively decrease diffuse brown pigmentation and blotchy redness – on the face, neck, chest, arms, and legs.


Post surgery procedure

These treatments are typically completed in fifteen to half-hour.  There aren’t any needles; no anesthesia is required. The skin is red for a couple of hours and wants gentle sunburn, however you’ll resume your daily activities at once when – no period is needed.

Over the course of ensuing one to three weeks, the brown spots that were treated might darken, then fade and break away. When finishing a series of four treatments spaced at 1-month intervals, you may see noticeable enhancements in your skin’s red and brown discolorations, texture, and overall look.



There are several answers to the question of how to remove the dark brown spots on face. Laser treatment and IPL rejuvenation process are the most common practices that are being used to remove the brown spots on the body. The treatment is picked based on the body and skin type after consultation from the dermatologist/cosmetologist.

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