Having a youthful appearance is one of the greatest joys of life. As a person starts moving up the ladder of years, the good looks start drifting away too. In middle ages, the fine lines and wrinkles start taking away the freshness of the face and soon a person feels like a shadow of the former self. To stop this from happening or to correct these issues, there are a number of treatments that can be brought to use.

Radio frequency treatments are well liked not only in Dubai but around the globe for their effective skin tightening capabilities and great results. It appears to be a procedure of choice these days. We shall have a closer look into the radio frequency treatments for skin tightening to learn more about them.

How Radio Frequency Works?

It is a noninvasive procedure that uses radio waves to correct skin conditions such as wrinkles and skin laxity. Specific frequencies of radio waves are used to penetrate into the skin. It heats up the tissues and forces molecular changes.

An electrode is used to apply frequency of alternating current to the tissue. These frequencies are able to target the deeper layers of the skin. Radio waves are able to help in removing the excessive fat pockets, allowing the skin to tighten. An added advantage is that the production of collagen kickstarts with the help of radio frequency treatments.

Its effectiveness

The procedure is mighty effective in getting the desired results. It not only gets rid of saggy skin but also helps in improving the tone of the skin. Wrinkles and fine lines are also smoothed out. A person generally needs to get six to eight treatment sessions to achieve the desired results. The procedure is equally effective in a number of other parts of the body.

Are there any side effects?

There are no real side effects of this procedure. Some selling and redness may follow afterwards. Blistering and burns may be felt as well in the skin due to the nature of the treatment. To counter these issues, constant cooling to the skin is provided during the performance of the procedure. There is no downtime associated with a radio frequency treatment for skin tightening which is probably the best part about it.

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