One of the initial and most notable symptoms of aging is sagging skin. As you grow old, elastin and collagen production in your body decreases drastically. Fat deposits underneath the skin also get consumed and the skin becomes loose. It leaves the flesh and begins to hang. The very first symptoms of sagging skin normally appear on the face, courtesy repetitive movements of facial muscles. Many individuals become self-conscious as they notice fine lines and wrinkles on their face, coupled with sagging skin. Luckily, skin rejuvenating techniques like Laser Skin Tightening and Radio Frequency Treatment as available to help you reverse the aging process and regain tighter and firmer facial skin.

One question that we are often asked by our prospective clients is, “Are there risks for facial laser skin tightening?” If you are also wondering the same thing then you are not alone. And we have good news for you that lasers are absolutely safe for any part of the body, including your face. Lasers have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an effective non-surgical alternative to a surgical facelift. So you don’t need to worry about the safety of Laser Skin Tightening in Dubai. Before discussing the risks and benefits of facial skin rejuvenating with lasers, let’s have a look at how laser skin tightening works.

The procedure:

When treating sagging skin with lasers, the surgeon uses laser beams of a specific wavelength to heat the collagen under the surface of your skin. As the collagen heats up, it shrinks and tightens the skin. Results of Facial Laser Skin Tightening are typically noticeable right after the treatment; however, full results may become notable after a month’s time.

Benefits of Facial Laser Skin Tightening:

Skin tightening with lasers is a virtually non-invasive procedure and does not involve any downtime following the treatment. You can return to routine activities soon after stepping out of the clinic. Multiple sessions may be needed to get desired results. Generally, 3-4 treatments spaced about a month apart are just enough to restore a youthful looking, tout facial skin.

Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended to opt for the procedure with realistic expectations. Results vary from person to person depending upon various factors, including your age, extent of sagginess, your genetic makeup and the laser technology used.

Risks and Complications:

It is without any doubt a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure that does not involve incisions. But there are certain risks and complications of which you should be aware off before you opt for the treatment. Some of the possible risks include temporary redness and itchiness at the treatment area. Localized bruising and mild to moderate skin discoloration are also possible risks, but they are temporary and subside within a couple of weeks at most. Scarring is also possible but it is rare and only occurs when you get the procedure from some inexperienced physician. Cooling mechanisms are used to avoid burning sensations and any other discomfort.

Who is a candidate?

Anyone struggling with facial sagginess and seeking a non-surgical skin tightening procedure can benefit from Laser Skin Tightening. However, it is recommended that you discuss candidacy for the procedure with your doctor. Your doctor can better guide you about the right course of treatment and the expectations that you should have.


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