Skin Tag Removal Price in Dubai

Let’s begin with the most common question:


What are moles?

Moles are more than black or brown blobs. They are clusters of pigmented cells that should be ideally spread throughout the body. When these cells group together, it results in a mole. Most of the time these moles are entirely harmless and are often only a cosmetic problem. Sunlight is also responsible for the creation of such moles. You need to avoid tanning and sun exposure during peak hours. If you have to go out, always wear a sunscreen with SPF 50 or above.

What are Skin Tags?

Now, after we have settles on what moles are, let’s explore skin tags. They are fairly common and look like small pieces of skin hanging on top surface of your skin. They are usually flesh colored or pink. There are no significant reasons behind the formation of Skin Tag Removal Price in Dubai. Some dermatologists suggest that they can formulate as a result of improper hygiene and obesity.

The Treatment Options

There are multiple treatment options when it comes to treating skin tags and moles. Here are two of the most widely used ones:

Laser Skin Tag Removal

In this day and age, laser Skin Tag Removal in Dubai is the best option for removing skin tags as well as moles. There are various reasons to choose it; no scarring, quick results and low laser Skin Tag Removal Price in Dubai.  It does not involve any cuts and stitches, therefore there are no complications and risks associated with it. You won’t experience a thing during the procedure because local anesthesia and numbing creams are used prior to the treatment. The entire procedure takes about 30 minutes to an hour to complete.


Cauterization is as scary as it sounds. Yes, it is. The entire procedure involves a hot, needle-shaped iron being applied to the skin tag. The main principle is to burn the skin tag and cut off the blood supply of the tag. The downfall of this method is that it leads to scarring and it can get pretty expensive unlike, laser Skin Tag Removal Price in Dubai. This method is not recommended as a Mole Removal treatment Dubai.

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