Strawberry hemangioma are a type of birthmarks that can appear on the face, head, and neck, back and chest of a baby. These may be present at the time of the birth or can appear in the first few months of the baby’s birth.

Since they are red in color, they are similar to strawberries and thus the name. In some cases, the color of the hemangioma may be blue. The strawberry hemangioma are soft and bright red with their borders being sharp.

These are a type of vascular birthmark and are formed due to an abnormally dense group of widened blood vessels. These appear of the surface of the skin and can be very obvious. There has been no evidence found of them being hereditary in nature.

In the following lines, we shall look into some important information regarding hemangioma and the hemangiona treatment options that are available.

How common is its occurrence?

These are usually present in one to three percent of children. By the time a child reaches nine years of age, an overwhelming 95% of hemangioma are gone. Head and neck are the areas that are most affected by this issue and approximately 60% of hemangioma develop in these areas. In most cases, these grow as a single tumor but there are a fair number of cases in which there are multiple tumors as well.

Do they pose a health risk?

For the most part, they are not a health risk. However, in rare cases, it can interfere with the vital organs and can cause a health risk. The parents of a kid with strawberry hemangioma should see a dermatologist to get the condition assessed and see what course of action should be taken. It is important to stay in touch with a doctor permanently in this regard.

When should it be treated?

Your doctor is the best person to tell if it needs to be treated or not. Generally it is recommended that if their appearance is one the face or the head, it is best to treat them to spare the child from the psychological effects that it may cause. The exact treatment option that should be used can also be recommended by the doctor.

What are the treatment options?

There are plenty of strawberry hemangioma treatments that are available. These include laser treatment, cryosurgery, oral medications and surgical removal. The treatment that should be adopted can be recommended by the doctor.

Lasers have generally been found to be more effective than other treatment options. They are noninvasive and are highly efficient in achieving the desired results. It is also very effective in stopping the further growth of the hemangiomas.

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