The moles are quite common in human beings all over the world. They look bad on the skin and some of the moles can be harmful too. Getting them checked and treated is a good idea to be on the safer side. Removal options include non-surgical mole removal or surgical moles removal treatment – Which is best? This blog post discusses whether surgical mole removal is right for you or non-surgical mole removal.

What are Moles?

Although the skin moles represent a slight abnormal development in the skin cells, the moles have different meanings in different cultures. For some people, it adds to the beauty; while others consider it a flaw. The moles are tiny spots of tan, brown, black, or skin color. Some of them are flat and some of them are raised.

Except for the aesthetic woes, there is no health risk associated. By removing them using a surgical or non-surgically technique, a person can have flawless skin. The moles that change color, shape, and size can be cancerous; so having them checked at the earliest is a must. It is so sad to mention that the skin cancer starts with a tiny mole.

Surgical Mole Removal  

A mole can be removed surgically where a small piece of the affected area skin is cut off. The mole removal surgery is a same-day procedure which can be performed by removing the mole and stitching the skin or it can be a removal without stitches.

To make it suture-less, the professional will shave the raised skin slightly below the skin level using a scalpel. If the mole is located on the face, the excision technique can be used (to nip in the bud). After a careful removal of the suspicious cells, the doctor will stitch the skin using sutures.

Non-Surgical Mole Removal

If you are not a surgery person, here is good news. You can now remove your mole(s) non-surgically. How? Well, the laser technology can be used to safely treat the skin spots. At the Laser Skin Care Clinic, we have the latest laser machines that effectively and safely remove your spots.

In most of the cases, just one laser session is not enough to hide the mole completely. There are some minor and temporary side effects as well that may take a few days to go. This option is totally safe and no health risk is associated.

Surgical or Non-Surgical: Which is Right?

Both techniques are good at solving this problem. The surgical option comes with more side effects than the non-surgical technique. If you are not into surgical mole removal or you do not want to upset your routine life, you can consider the non-surgical mole removal.

The cutting of the mole with sutures is good for the spots that are not risky. The excision (minor surgery) completely removes the mole in one go. The laser mole removal might take some time to completely remove the spot because more than one laser sessions may be required to get significant results.

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