Decorating skin with multicolored tattoos has been part of human culture since the time of Egyptian mummies. Since ancient times people have been using tattoos to show their love and passion for a person or something they are crazy for. Getting the name of your loved one on the back of your hand, on the wrist, shoulder, back or belly is not new, but today people have started using tattoo art to show their love for work as well. For example, most recently chefs have started using tattoos to show their passion for cooking. Similarly, you may have also come across people showing their passion for a sport (football, rugby etc) or a hobby (fishing, hunting etc.) in the form of a permanent tattoo.

It’s a Tattoo Thing!

Whatever the reason maybe behind you getting a permanent tattoo carved under your skin, one thing is for sure, you will never remain equally passionate for the tattoo for your entire life. This is human nature, you always get fed up of monotony and require a change. Same is the case with tattoos, there comes a time when you want to get rid of a permanent tattoo that you were once very eager for.

There are numerous traditional as well as latest techniques available to help you get rid of unwanted tattoos. For a tattoo to become successfully permanent, the tattoo pigment must penetrate the dermis. The Same rule applies to successful tattoo removal, i.e. the laser must penetrate the same layer of the skin where the tattoo ink is present, without damaging the top layer of skin (epidermis). Therefore, regardless of whether your doctor is using a traditional tattoo removal technique or the latest lasers to help you get rid of unwanted tattoos, the objective will always be the same, to reach the dermis.

Popular Tattoo Removal Techniques

The two commonly used tattoo removing techniques include Salabrasion and Laser Tattoo Removal. Salabrasion is a traditional tattoo removing technique which involves injecting a salt and water mixture into the skin from where a tattoo is to be eliminated. The skin is then rubbed aggressively using an abrasive device, such as a solid wooden block wrapped in gauze. Abrasion is done until the skin containing tattoo pigment has been removed. Laser tattoo removal, on the other hand, involves breaking the tattoo ink into micro-particles, using high-intensity laser beams. The broken tattoo pigment is then absorbed by the body’s immune system and ultimately flushed out of the body.

Comparing the Two!

Reaching the tattoo pigment in the inner layers of skin using Salabrasion is obviously more painful as compared to the Laser Tattoo Removal, which uses pulsating beams of light to break the tattoo ink without damaging the epidermis (the top most layer of skin). So, whether you are planning to undergo Tattoo Removal Dubai or anywhere else in the world, it is always recommended to opt for Laser tattoo removal, because it is virtually painless tattoo removal technique. Furthermore, consult a laser specialist or a board certified dermatologist to avoid any complication or side effect associated with laser tattoo removal.