Laser Hair Removal Dubai

To get rid of unwanted hair, many different options have been used over the years. While many of them are effective and offer good results, these are often temporary solutions that also carry certain risks with them. Perhaps the best option in this regard is laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal Dubai is a big hit and more and more people are opting for it. Like all treatments, there are certain advantages as well as disadvantages that are associated with it. We shall take a closer look at both of them.


There are plenty of advantages on offer by Body laser hair removal in Dubai.

  • Permanent Solution

It is a permanent solution and once the treatment is completed, hair stops growing in the treated area. Other options such as waxing and shaving only offer temporary solutions and hair grows back in a couple of weeks’ time at the most. Afterward, the process needs to be repeated.

  • Lesser Risks

The risks associated with laser hair removal in Dubai are minimal since it is a noninvasive procedure. There is no risk of infections or ingrown hair which are very much present in most other options.

  • Pain-Free

The process is more or less pain-free. A Cooling gel may be applied prior to the laser hair removal treatment in order to reduce any sensation of discomfort. There is no pouring of hot wax or pulling the hair out involved like that in waxing.

  • Smooth Skin

Once the laser hair removal in Dubai treatment has been completed, the person can enjoy smooth skin free from any hair. It is a great feeling that can give a lot of self-confidence.


There are very few disadvantages associated with laser hair removal in Dubai.

  • Multiple Sessions

Multiple sessions are needed in order to be completely hair-free. Generally, six to seven sessions are enough but the exact number depends on the given person’s skin and hair.

  • Effects on Lighter Shade Hair

The laser hair removal Dubai treatment is usually not effective on the lighter shades of hair. The general rule of thumb is that the hair to be removed should be darker than the color of the skin of the person being treated. Progress is being made and some lasers are able to get rid of lighter hair as well but at Laser Skin Care we are not offering laser treatment for lighter shade hair.

  • Is Cost an Actual Disadvantage?

People are often worried about the cost of the laser hair removal Dubai procedure being high. However, one has to look past the face value. Since a few treatment sessions get rid of the unwanted hair, future visits are generally not needed. Waxing and shaving, on the other hand, have to be repeated constantly and therefore, their small cost can add up big time in the longer run.

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