A number of minor issues can stop a person from having the perfect face. One of these issues prevalent around the world is that of dark circles. Generally caused by illness or lack of sleep, they form underneath the eyes. Dark circles can also be a result of chronic nasal congestion. These are very visible and can have a mild to very strong tinge. Their appearance has an ill effect on the overall personality.

It is important to have adequate sleep and drink plenty of water to not have dark circles in the first place. Dark circles can also be avoided by clearing the nasal congestion and not smoking.

Natural Treatments

Although there are plenty of treatments that are available for dark circles at clinics, there are some natural remedies that a person can try in the first place. We shall briefly look into them in the following lines.

Tomatoes and Lemon

Tomatoes and lemons are excellent for taking care of dark circles around the eyes. Tomato juice with some lemon juice and mint leaves is great for treating dark circles. Mixing a tea spoon each of tomato and lemon juice and applying to the dark circles also works really well. You can wash it after fifteen minutes with water.


Potatoes can be grated for the purpose of extraction of their juice. Soak cotton balls with the juice and place them on the dark circles. Wash it away after 15 minutes. Since potatoes are natural bleaching agents, the dark circles can be greatly reduced.

Rose Water

Rose water is known to lighten the skin shade. It can be applied directly to the dark circles under the eyes with cotton pads. A paste of rose petals and milk can also be made and applied to the affected areas for great results too.

Cold Tea Bags

Soaked tea bags can be left in the refrigerator before being placed on the dark circles. This generally works well but has to bedone for a few days to get the results. Used tea can also be mixed with fresh milk cream and applied to dark circles for similar results.

Cold Milk

Cotton balls soaked in cold milk can be placed on the dark circles. Not only should they help in reducing the dark circles but will also be soothing to the eyes.

Orange Juice

Orange juice can be mixed with a few drops of glycerin and applied to the dark circles under the eyes. This will help in diminishing the dark circles and giving a glow to the skin.

Corn flour

To get rid of dark circles, make a paste of corn flour with some yogurt and apply to the affected area. It should greatly help in reducing the appearance of dark circles.

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