One of the common issues people face with their skins is that of scars. They can be caused due to acne, an injury or a surgery in the past amongst many other reasons. They are not pleasant in appearance and leave a negative impact on the on lookers.

To correct this problem, there are a number of scar removal treatment that are available. Most of the options are noninvasive and cause minimum discomfort. Surgical options too are present and it depends on the person getting the treatment if he or she opts for surgery or the nonsurgical options. In the following lines, we shall look into the treatments that can be helpful in getting rid of the scars.

Topical Treatments

There are plenty of creams and ointments that are available at drug stores for the purpose of removing scars. While some of these are available with a prescription only, others can be acquired over the counter. Topical treatments usually work best for minor scars caused by cuts and injuries.

See your dermatologist to learn about them and if they are a good option for you. Avoid selecting one yourself since only a doctor is aware of all the pros and cons of a given product and if it will suit you.

Fractional CO2

It is fractionated carbon dioxide laser that is used for the purpose of skin resurfacing in order to get rid of the scars. It makes tiny holes in the top layer of the skin which triggers the healing process. Crusts are formed for a few days and eventually new top layer of skin is had. It has lesser appearance of the scars. The production of collagen and elastin is also increased as a result which allows even more firmness to the skin.

The procedure is nearly pain free and has very minor side effects. There is no downtime associated with it either. A few treatments are needed to ensure that the appearance of the scars is gotten rid of.

Chemical Peels

These work well on mild scars. Chemical peels are acidic solutions that are applied to the skin in different strengths depending on the needs of the patient. They remove the top layer of the skin to allow healthier skin to replace it.

A few treatment sessions can do the trick. It is important that the peels are applied by professionals since doing it on your own possesses a serious risk of burning the skin.


Tiny crystals are sprayed onto the skin in order to remove the damaged top layer of the skin. As the skin gets wounded, the healing process is started in a hurry. The production of collagen too is increased. With every treatment session, the appearance of the skin improves.

The procedure is minimally invasive and offers great results. There is no real sensation of pain and side effects are very mild and temporary. The treatment option is ideal for deeper scars as well.

Surgical Scar Removal

It is a highly effective solution but it is the most invasive one as well. There are different types of surgical options that are available. Most of them are performed under local anesthesia but general anesthesia may be administered if it is required.

The results are better than most other treatment options but scar removal surgery does carry certain inherent risks like all such procedures including infections. There is downtime associated with it as well. It is important to know that even surgery cannot completely remove the appearance of most scars.

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