Tattoos are not a new phenomenon and have been around for ages. Their techniques have evolved greatly over the years and current day tattoo parlors are equipped with highly impressive and effective gadgets. Often such people want to get them removed. In yesteryear, the options available for this purpose were painful and highly invasive. However, laser tattoo removal Dubai has made life a lot easier as it is noninvasive and does not have the same issues as the more traditional methods. In the following lines, we shall look into some of the important bits of information that all tattoo removal seekers should know.

How Does It Work?

Tattoo ink is a foreign object for the immune system and as soon as the tattoo is made, it starts working on getting rid of it. This is why the tattoos start losing their sharpness after some time. Laser tattoo removal works by breaking down the color in the tattoo into smaller bits. This allows the immune system to remove them from the body with ease.

Which laser to use?

A Q-Switched laser is used for this purpose as it is the most effective option for tattoo removal.

Is It Painful?

There is some pain involved in the procedure but it is far less than the other tattoo removal methods. With the application of topical anesthetics prior to the treatment, it can be numbed down though it may not be completely removed. Most people are able to bear it without much problem.

How Many Sessions will be Needed?

This depends on several factors including the size of the tattoo, the design, and the colors. Darker colors like black and dark blue are easier to get rid of. However, greater effort is needed to tackle with lighter ones like green and yellow. Red is the hardest color to remove.

Can It Affect My Skin Pigmentation?

It is one of the side effects of this procedure that the pigmentation of the areas around the tattoo can be affected. At times, they may become lighter than usual. This, however, occurs rarely since the laser is programmed to target the colors in the tattoo rather than the skin.

Will the Tattoo be Removed Completely?

In most cases, the tattoo can be fully removed. The colors and the design of the tattoo can have some say in this. A job done by a professional tattoo artist is easier to get rid of in comparison with an amateur.

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